Over the past 20 years, the approach and possibilities of IT infrastructure have evolved considerably, with each company adapting more or less rapidly according to its needs and expectations. As an infrastructure provider for more than 20 years, Scaleway has been a privileged witness to this evolution, successively developing and offering its services, from dedicated servers to our innovative multi cloud.  

Nowadays, to build or upgrade an IT infrastructure, professionals are looking for:

  • Performance and reliability
  • Flexibility, to adapt their infrastructure to their actual workload
  • And scalability, to modernize and integrate new practices

The solutions currently on the market can meet these demands individually. Dedicated servers provide performance but lack flexibility. The cloud brings a lot of new features, but lacks the backward compatibility to work with more traditional infrastructures. Professionals are thus limited in their choices, and must sometimes make compromises among these three criteria, or simply postpone any change because the work seems too complex.

Difficult needs to reconcile

On a daily basis, we see many customers that prefer to use dedicated servers for their infrastructure. They like the simplicity of the product, and are comfortable with a longer term commitment. The main value for them is stability: stability of price, stability of performance, stability of the overall infrastructure. The downside, however, is a noticeable difficulty in managing rapid load variations without over-provisioning their infrastructure.

For others, instances have provided the flexibility to grow and evolve with their needs in real time, thanks to the pay-per-use model with no minimum commitment. However, virtualization can have its drawbacks, and for users who are looking for, at least punctually, optimal and stable performance, dedicated servers are sometimes preferred.  

Beyond this infrastructure, the cloud also offers a range of managed solutions that save precious time and open up new design options. But it is still necessary to be able to test and integrate them easily and securely with existing infrastructure. It can be complex and costly to have instances, dedicated servers and cloud services like Managed Databases or Load Balancers coexist.    

Well, the (first) good news in 2022 is that you no longer need to make this choice!

Elastic Metal, the perfect mix between dedicated servers and the cloud

To answer these problems, we have completely revolutionized our Bare Metal offer, to propose a new, unique, solution that will meet the recurring needs of the market - Elastic Metal.

The dedicated server is not dead, it has been reborn

Elastic Metal is the missing link that bridges the gap between dedicated servers and the cloud ecosystem, combining:

  • A choice of dedicated servers with all the advantages associated with them - performance and stability
  • Flexibility of use, with hourly and monthly billing options, with no prior notice period for ending your contract, starting at €0.111 per hour or €39.99 per month
  • And all of that comes with an open door to the multi cloud with native compatibility with our vast ecosystem of services, including the possibility to group dedicated servers, Instances, Managed Databases, Load Balancers, and much more, in a private network.

Let’s take a look under the hood

Just like for Dedibox, we have designed three product lines specifically for Elastic Metal, adapted to your needs:

  • The Aluminium range: fully dedicated Bare Metal servers with cloud-native integration at the best price
  • The Beryllium range: powerful, balanced, and reliable servers, perfect for production applications
  • The Lithium range: designed to offer considerable local storage volume to keep, back up, and protect your data

In these three ranges you will find powerful processors (Intel Xeon, AMD Ryzen) in single or dual-socket, generous amounts of RAM, and adapted storage options. Other ranges will soon arrive to complete these offers and offer you even more choice.

Find out more about Elastic Metal on our website.


Your infrastructures are evolving and will continue to do so. Scaleway is with you and will continue to offer you solutions to your problems. Elastic Metal was designed with this in mind, combining three previously distinct universes, and allowing you to adapt and grow your infrastructure at your own pace, without compromise.

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