We are regularly shipping betas, products, or features, and we don't want you to miss a piece of important information that you might need. Let's dig into what happened in April in Scaleway together!

🎯 News on our Product

  • We opened a new datacenter in Amsterdam! One more region for you to boost up your resiliency.
  • Boot-on-block is now available on Instances. Reduce idle resources with boot-on-block and do good for your bill and the environment.
  • We add a Custom Domain feature on Serverless. You can now set up custom domain names and map your services to the domain you need to allocate to your Functions.
  • We launched a new feature on Kubernetes products, Application Library! You can now deploy and manage preconfigured container images in Kubernetes Kapsule clusters.
  • We launched SSH Bastion on Network product’s. A server dedicated to managing connections to the infrastructure behind your Public Gateway.
  • We have strengthened our server range on Elastic Metal with our new dedicated server #ElasticMetal EM-A210R-HDD: AMD Ryzen Pro 3600 (6C/12T - 3,6GHz), 16GB ECC RAM, 2x1TB HDD, 1Gbit/s. Monthly or hourly billing is available.
  • And released new images on Instances: you can now install in one click Ubuntu 22.04.
  • And Gitlab InstantApp & Nextcloud InstantApp in a click, we added them to our InstantApp.

...Did you know that you could request features?

👀 New product available in Private Beta

Do not hesitate to request an invitation to the Private Beta if you want to join our new product development!

💜 Community

  • We are now more than 10 000 passionate developers in our Community on Slack. You're welcome to join us here too, whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to find cool people to talk about your projects.
  • We happily hosted the Paris JS meetup. Thanks to them for bringing great speakers and talks! And to all developers: meetups will always have a home here at Scaleway, so if you need hosting: reach out to us.

🎥 New ressources

  • We release the first video in a new series of tutorials: Getting started with Kubernetes Part 1 - Containers & Docker.
  • We wrote a white paper on multi-cloud: if you want to learn how and why you should get more choices than what you've been led to, read on!
  • We also regularly add new tutorials on our documentation website. You can contribute to them and win Scaleway credits!

🌍 Open-Source

We contributed to Public in april, and our Open-Source Program now supports two new great projects: the french mirror server Ubuntu.

🦄 Startup Program

We onboarded twenty one new startups from all over the world last month in our Startup Program! Applications are always open from anywhere, anytime, for both our program: Growth & Early.

Welcome in the growth stage to SCorp-io, Garden Germany, The Cross Product, Microbiome Studio, Coinstrats, Project Cece and MEDTRUCKS!

And to our early stage Inddex TV, Protocode, Adlin Science, Glanceable, Luminos SRL, Deployed CC, Cloudshelf, Starlight and Qirinus

Happy to have you on board, and excited to see what you will do!