1 year ago, we announced Scaleway and the C1, an amazingly efficient and disruptive ARM server, designed by our electronics team.
4 weeks ago, we announced our new generation of servers: the C2 BareMetal servers and the VC1 cloud servers, based on x86-64 CPUs, again engineered by our eletronics team.

Today, we're introducing two new types of affordable x64 virtual servers to suit all your needs with one unique platform.

These two new variants of the Starter VPS will give you more options for your infrastructure with prices all below €10 per month, billed by the hour as usual:

Monthly price Hourly price Variant Cores Ram SSD
€2.99 €0.006 VC1S 2 x86-64 2GB 50GB
€5.99 €0.012 VC1M 4 x86-64 4GB 100GB
€9.99 €0.02 VC1L 6 x86-64 8GB 200GB

Our VC1 cloud servers come with 200Mbit/s of internet bandwidth with unlimited transfer and up to 2.5Gbit/s internal network for less than €10.
All VC1 servers benefit from all the features of the Scaleway Cloud platfom: flexbile IPs, Native IPv6, Snapshots, Security Groups are all there!
As always, you're billed by the hour up to a monthly cap of 500 hours.

These new VC1 server let you scale up to 8GB per server for your bigger apps or test clusters.
If you believe you now need to scale up, remember that you can seamlessly migrate between all VC1 and C2 servers through the control panel.

The VC1 cloud server is not any more in preview, it has now reached General Availibility and can be used to scale out to thousands of servers.
We will validate most of the invitations in the coming days, let us know if you didn't get yours!

Behind the scene, we're working on massively increasing our C2 production and on the speed up of our international deployment to be able to handle the huge demand our BareMetal C1 and C2 servers triggered.
Our new users will only have access to our C1 and VC1 servers during the ramp up period of the C2.
We're expecting to reach General Availibilty on our C2 servers in May.

Thank you!

Cloud Riders, it's been an amazing journey with all of you, we've recorded over 500 000 server startup requests and we want to say one thing: thank you for your trust.

We believe that our cloud servers provide the best performance/price ratio on earth, try them out!

If you have any pricing or technical questions, joins us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.