Making sure your data is well protected and backed-up is one of the most important elements to prioritise when planning and implementing your projects. At Scaleway we offer many different solutions that can help you make sure your data is replicated and healthy.

For your Scaleway Elements instances, we recommend creating backups and using a backup synchronisation tool. These are data preservation practices and that can be easily set up.

If you are running your workload on a Scaleway Dedibox, you might want to make sure your disks are using a RAID. This will improve fault tolerance and can even increase disk performance.

Scaleway Dedibox also provides you with 100 GB of free Dedibackup backup space, with the option of long-term storage of your data on the Object Storage C14 Cold Storage class for unlimited storage, to keep copies of your data in a secure environment.

However, even if you take all the preventive measures you can to make sure your workload is under no risk of being compromised or lost, casualties like a configuration or hard disk error may still put it in jeopardy. When such setbacks occur there is a method that might help you recover your data and avoid total loss, even when your server is no longer reachable, remotely.

The rescue mode allows you to restart your server using a minimal operating system that runs in its memory. Different OS propose their corresponding rescue systems. If you use Linux, for example, you might use a Ubuntu rescue distribution.

With Scaleway Dedibox, the rescue system will allow you to diagnose system failures, repair configurations or enable you to restore access to the machine in case you have lost your credentials. It also allows the technical assistance to run diagnostics on the machine in case of a hardware failure.

For Scaleway Elements,  you can reboot your instances or dedicated servers in rescue mode directly from the Scaleway console:  

As well as from the Scaleway Dedibox console:

A step-by-step of the process is available in our documentation pages:

Scaleway Dedibox

Scaleway Elements

Bare Metal Cloud Servers