That's never an easy one to answer.

Joining a new company is always a challenge, maybe you just received your Engineering diploma, maybe you’re an experienced developer, one thing is for sure, it’s always the same question that comes to mind - did I choose wisely? That’s never an easy one to answer.

It can be overwhelming when you start a new job, but there is a way to make it simple. My approach is quite straightforward (and thus efficient, I hope), I ask myself if the position matches what I like to do and my values?

So, what do I like about working at Scaleway?

Working with talented individuals on great services

Working in a company which already has 300+ collaborators and plans to hire 100 more this year is, trust me, the best way to meet incredibly talented people who are building amazing services.

Over the last few years, I have worked in a number of tech companies, challenging myself with high volume international platforms (programmatic advertising) and NLP machine learning solutions, but nothing can really prepare you for Scaleway.

This is the most exciting and promising tech company I have ever seen. I’m not only saying that because it is full of incredible engineers and talented individuals, but also because, as a Scaler I serve technical companies which build incredible, high-end solutions based on our own products. Entering Scaleway is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole and fully experiencing the magic of the cloud from the other side.

Belonging to something bigger than you that still manages to respect your core values

The face of the cloud industry is changing dramatically right now, especially in Europe. The recent GDPR laws and the increase in data sovereignty supported by the European Commission itself is nothing if not a game changer. The will to protect our data has never been so strong, and as a citizen, a user and a professional within this market, I am very sensitive to that (I deleted my Facebook account a few years ago and have never looked back).

Being part of and building a European Cloud Services Provider (CSP) which protects European users is a real challenge right now, and it is also fully aligned with what motivates me personally. Scaleway is, and has to be, an even more significant player in delivering a fair, private and environmentally responsible cloud service to all Europeans.

And yes, I’m talking about the environment! Why? Because Scaleway is also innovating in this field (check the PUE, ie Power Usage effectiveness and WUE, ie Water Usage Effectiveness of our latest data center).

Data privacy is really important but, come on, our planet, the very Earth upon which we live, is even more important, isn’t it? So, if it’s about choosing sides, I know which one I prefer to be on!

Creating something that will make a difference, and that makes sense

To support Scaleway’s ongoing acceleration, a new internal team named “Platform & Services” is being created. This team will provide Engineering services (such as Hardware, VM, Database, LB, Queuing, Orchestrator, etc) to all product teams in order to help them focus on their true mission - bringing value to their products and to our customers.

Just as other efficient startups now use PaaS solutions to create their products, our product teams will use our internal platform to build high-end products as well. The Platform team is organized into “Engineering Verticals”, each vertical delivering one or more infrastructure products in a specific field of Software Engineering.

This is really exciting, we are building something that will shape Scaleway for years to come. I am part of this, and you could be too!

Being the SVP of Software Engineering of Scaleway is a great fit for me. I help Scaleway’s CTO to ensure that our Engineering team is always ready to face their daily challenges and that there are no obstacles in front of us. We always try to be two steps ahead. Helping to build this incredible team on a daily basis is really exciting, and worth the effort.

So, what about you?

Do you have the same motivations as me? If yes, I am sure you will enjoy your time at Scaleway. I’m currently recruiting engineering managers, have a look to see if it fits you!