There is excellent content lost on the internet everywhere: some well-known and established by the community, and a lot to still discover. Today's challenge is to found those hidden sources.
Because staying up-to-date on the latest evolution is as important as ever in our industry that keeps evolving. So at Scaleway, our engineers took the initiative to list and share their best sources on technology intelligence to help onboard new people to our team.

We wanted to share with you those sources that we enjoy using. We hope that you will like them as much as we do.

• Blog & Newsletters

tl;dr is a byte-sized daily newsletter for busy techies where they share links and tl;dr of the most interesting tech, science, and coding stories.

Hackernews is a well-known social website with news curated and upvoted by the community. They focus primarily on computer science, and they have launched a newsletter on their best articles so you won't have to find them.

Your favorite coding language certainly has its weekly newsletter, like the Python Weekly that sent a weekly newsletter with hand-curated news, tools, events, libraries, and more - all related to Python.
There's also one on Go and This Week in Rust.
Whichever the language you work with or are curious about - there will be a newsletter associated to it that is worth looking for.

Medium launched their Publication. It works like a group where you can post articles based on a topic. It enables you to follow topics instead of finding all the writers linked to that it.
For instance, Better Programming aggregates many great developers’ stories and advice from worldwide. Or Towards Data Science, which focuses mainly on AI and data science.

• Videos

Computerphile is a great youtube channel on everything computer. They post high-quality, weekly videos around different topics such as security, programming, or answering our most fundamental questions: What on earth is recursion? Why use Binary? Where HTML beats C?

Bret Fisher's channel on Docker and DevOps is full of testing, Q/A, on everything DevOps, containers, Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud. Be aware; his videos aren't as snackable as you might be used to. Most of them are more than an hour-long but are undoubtedly full of precious insights and information.

Xavki's channel (french) makes training and tutorials on Linux, DevOps, and open source, while Aurelie Vache (french) is making quick and visual explanation on everything Docker and Kubernetes on her channel.

TechWorld with Nana makes core concepts of DevOps accessible to everyone, even if you’re a complete beginner. Nana focuses on creating content around Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, and other DevOps technologies, in a fun and accessible way. If you're interested in Kubernetes, her 3-hour-long Kubernetes Tutorial is worth a view, as her free Kubernetes course.

• Podcasts

In Post Mortem podcast, engineers reflect on incidents they experienced on their IT systems and give hands-on advice based on what they learned along the way.

Corey Quinn's Screaming in the Cloud podcast is a favorite of many of us. It features conversations with domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing about how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.

Electro Monkeys is a french podcast to discover and understand cloud native technologies and concepts. They post each week an interview around Kubernetes, Cloud-native technologies, or Open-source. Our VP PaaS, Gaspard, appeared on an episode about our strategy.

Go Time shares every week a discussion about  Go and its community.

And finally, if you like to hear network architects share about data networking, you'll enjoy the weekly podcast from The Fat Pipe Of The Packet Pushers podcasts.

The resources you love the most aren't on this list? Join the conversation on our Community Slack and share with us your best resources.

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