The Scaleway-Online teams were made aware by the media that Super Micro hardware would have a built-in hardware monitoring chip.

Scaleway-Online works with the largest manufacturers on the market to supply our data centers in France and abroad. Super Micro being one of them.
We have among our tens of thousands of active machines a large fleet of servers using components from Super Micro.

Given this fact, we take the information revealed yesterday very seriously, even if there was a formal denial of our partner manufacturer.

For almost 10 years, we have been carrying out extensive testing and verification of all the equipment we select and we never noticed any anomalies or particular behaviors on hardware provided by Super Micro.

Despite all our vigilance and our controls, which are an integral part of our know-how since always, we do not have the absolute guarantee nor sufficient reliable information at this time to confirm or deny the presumed facts. Therefore, we have decided to carry out our own investigation.

We decided to mobilize a team of our best engineers and electronics professionals to do a thorough analysis of the different types of hardware delivered by Super Micro which are currently deployed in our data centers.

We are committed to full transparency regarding this alleged situation and will keep this blog post up-to-date with our ongoing analyzes. Our chief information security officers (CISOs) and our general management are also mobilized to shed light on these allegations.

The Scaleway-Online team