We're very excited to launch our first special edition this week! Pascal and Yann, our CEO, invited Yaron Herman, jazzman and pianist.

He will explain what he's been doing as a musician and as an entrepreneur but mostly how art can cross startups' path. He will also tell us about a book he wrote  - about creativity - which is not only for artists but explores how each of us can find their singularity.

You will discover how "state of flow", that snap in you brain that ticks, is the point between creating and developing! You will be given advice on how to create room for creativity by thinking outside of the box, playing with it or even defining a whole new box...

Finally, Yaron will be asked how cloud technology can enable creation and more specifically art. All of this, of course, punctuated by amazing music excerpts.

Stay tuned for future podcasts, and who knows? Maybe another special edition.

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