When we first created the Scaleway cloud platform, our initial offer was composed of two key services:

  • Compute with the C1: a bare-metal cloud server composed of a 4-core ARMv7 CPU with 2 GB of RAM and a 1 Gb/s network card providing constant and predictable performances.
  • Storage with Scaleway Infinite Storage (SIS): an object storage platform to store your files and access them from anywhere.

If you joined Scaleway during its first days, you probably used both of them.

Both products have been a real successes worldwide thanks to you. The adoption rate has been insane and at the same time, the load increased so much on our platforms that we decided to focus - momentarily - on instances and stop accepting new users on object storage. That way, we could preserve the service quality for existing customers.

Getting Back on the Launchpad

For one year, Scaleway started entering a new growth phase. We have been completely ramping up our organization to sustain our incredible growth, boost our product ecosystem and accelerate our international expansion with Scaleway Cloud Riders in more than a hundred countries. We have attracted many new talents to work on improving and developing the Scaleway infrastructure product.

Today, we are proud to announce the first revamped brick of our forthcoming new cloud ecosystem: Object Storage.

Object Storage Public Beta

Object Storage service is now available for all and provides you a simple way to store and distribute your content, no matter the amount of data you have in a scalable, secure and reliable environment.

At the moment, Object Storage is only available in the AMS1 region (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), but France & other regions will follow soon (stay tuned for future announcements, surely before the end of the year.)

Infinite & Scalable Storage

Object Storage automatically scales as your data grows. No action is required from your part, we handle elasticity for you.

Unlimited Internet Bandwidth

No limitation for your Internet requests, we want to be able to scale with you, your activities and your end-customers.


Our Object Storage service is S3-compatible so that you can seamlessly integrate it in your existing environment with APIs, SDKs, and tools you know keeping the peace of mind. A list of all the S3 API operations supported is available on the website.


Object Storage offers a simple pricing:

  • A Take Off Pack: first 500 GB of storage and first 500 GB of outgoing data transfer for €5/month
  • A Cruise Speed Price:
    • €0.01 per additional GB of storage
    • €0.02 per additional GB of outgoing data transfer
    • Outgoing data transfer to Dedibox or Scaleway instances within the same region is free

However during the public beta all of the above is free of charge so start your first bucket now!

Secure & Reliable

We guarantee 99.999 % of data persistence and 99.9 % availability on your objects. Our Object Storage platform also provides multi-level of security to protect your data:

  • DDoS attacks protection
  • ACL policies to control object accesses
  • Data transfer over SSL and much more.

Use Cases

  • Backups: easily store the backup of your data in a safe and always accessible place.
  • Logs: save and analyze your logs at any time from a safe and centralized area.
  • Web assets: host your static web content on our object storage platform offering high-availability and high-durability.
  • Big data analysis: leverage Object Storage as your data warehouse storage layer.

Getting Started

The new Object Storage platform is freely available and you can use it from now on with your Scaleway account and with the S3-compatible API endpoint at s3.nl-ams.scw.cloud.

The old SIS endpoint at fr-1.storage.online.net is deprecated but is still working during the transition phase. It will be put offline on 2018 December 1st and all data on the cluster will be removed.

Checkout our documentation and tutorials to get started with our Object Storage platform:

If you have any pricing or technical questions, visit the Object Storage FAQ, join us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we’re always happy to help.