Cloud Riders, the last months at Scaleway were really busy. In less than a year, we multiplied by four the number of servers on the platform. We dealt with some massive deployments of the C2 to sustain our growth. But that's not the only thing, we also prepared some exciting new servers.

Today, we're glad to announce two new Cloud Servers designed for Intensive Workloads.

At Scaleway, our goal has always been to provide a simple and efficient platform to support all your workloads, from development to production. The new server types we're introducing today will help you grow your infrastructure with the same simplicity as usual.

Our two new server types provide up to 120GB of RAM and 12 cores, starting at €0.18 per hour:

Also we're huge supporter of the scale-out approach, we also know that in some specific case scaling up is needed. That's why our two new cloud servers will provide more CPU power and RAM per server.
These new servers are backed by powerful Intel Xeon SoCs and DDR4 ECC memory, providing a huge per core performance improvement for application which needs it.
The large amount of RAM available will let you run new RAM intensive workloads such as high performance databases or in-memory caches.

They also provide a 1Gbit/s bandwidth with unlimited transfer! This means you won't pay any bandwidth fee.

Currently, our two new servers are flagged as a preview as we're still deploying nodes to handle large scale and multi-site deployments. They will be available in Amsterdam in early March.

To improve readability of our product range, we're changing the naming convention of our cloud servers. Our new servers are called X64-60GB and X64-120GB. The starter cloud servers, the VC1, will be renamed at the end of the preview to follow the new convention. This will trigger changes on the API which we will communicate to all members of the developer program.

Getting started

To deploy one of our new workload intensive server, simply select it on the server creation page, click start and your server will be ready in less than a minute!

As usual, you can automate the deployment of your new servers using the API or any scaleway compatible projet. Starting a new server with the Scaleway CLI is a one line command, run scw run --commercial-type=X64-60GB ubuntu-xenial, wait a minute and your server is up and ready!

If you need more server than your account limits currently allows, simply open a support ticket, our support team will take care of increasing your server quota.

If you have any pricing or technical questions, join us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.

Happy Cloud Riding,

To sustain our growth, we're hiring in Paris!