On September 17, 2020 we opened a new region in Warsaw to meet demands from local users, startups and worldwide companies. After Paris, then Amsterdam, this new region is an important milestone in our global expansion, and drive innovation across the country and Europe.

With a global customer based spanning over 160 countries, we knew we needed to offer more options by getting closer to where our customers and their end-users are. This new region helps us meet the rapidly growing need for reliable, innovative, multicloud and competitive Public Cloud solutions in Poland and Eastern Europe, an area overlooked by many cloud providers.

An answer to the multi-cloud strategy in fast-evolving ecosystems

A strategic location to provide higher availability to our customers from Eastern, Western, and Central Europe to Russia

We are committed to expanding our customers' European reach while ensuring higher resilience, availability and reliability. By building a multi-region infrastructure our customers will be able to deliver improved performance and significantly reduced latency.

The decision to open a new region in Warsaw will have a positive impact on the surrounding area and its technical ecosystem. Warsaw has become a hub for technical services. This central location was first and foremost chosen for its network advantages, and undeniably offers optimal latency when connecting Eastern, Western and Northern Europe. Thus, Warsaw allows us to better serve our customers not only in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic, Romania, Eastern Germany, and in the Balkans, as well as in Scandinavia, Russia and Ukraine.

explains Yann Lechelle, our CEO.

Reliable cost-effective Public Cloud solutions

We are also committed to always providing high-performance solutions at the right price for our customers. Yann adds:

The regional startup ecosystem is at the forefront of the European technical scene. These cloud-native businesses place increasing emphasis on the need for efficient and European digital resources to get out of vendor lock-in and thereby optimize their expenses. Vendor lock-in risk has become a decisive factor in the cloud strategy of many companies. Our offering is fully relevant in this context: our set of powerful, cost-effective and European products allow customers to achieve greater resilience and improved performance.

A carbon-neutral footprint

Finally, we are committed to providing you with innovative sustainable solutions, for a cloud that makes sense. Indeed, pl-waw-1 is carbon neutral (carbon compensated), which allows us to remain sustainable and proud in our approach.

An aim to provide all of our Public cloud ecosystem in Warsaw

As a first step in Warsaw, we decided to offer our two core products in the region: Virtual Instances (Development and General Purpose Instances) and Object Storage Standard class. Over the next few weeks we will be focused on making the rest of our Public cloud ecosystem available in Warsaw as well.

You can already launch your Virtual Instances and Object Storage buckets (Standard class) in Warsaw by selecting the pl-waw-1 AZ or pl-waw region through the Scaleway console and API.

Launch your Virtual Instances in pl-waw-1

Create your Object Storage bucket in pl-waw