Online becomes Online by Scaleway to accompany historical B2B customers to the cloud. The enhanced Iliad Datacenter offer becomes Scaleway Datacenter to better respond to critical business issues.

At a time when projects are accelerating fast towards the private and multi-cloud, Scaleway, a key player* in baremetal cloud computing solutions (physical servers consumed in a cloud model), announces a consolidation and evolution of its offers under its Scaleway brand.
The historical Online (top 10 of the world’s hosting providers**) and Iliad Datacenter offerings have been renamed Online by Scaleway and Scaleway Datacenter respectively, to take advantage of the innovative power of the Scaleway cloud brand launched in 2015.

The corridors of our DC3 datacenter

Scaleway pursues its ambition to offer a complete ecosystem of products combining innovation, quality, service and competitive prices. Besides, a single website brings together the company’s various offers. This transformation will result in new products and services starting from the first quarter of 2019.

Three Offers to Cover the Cloud Infrastructure Needs of Companies

A Simple and Consistent Public Cloud Offering: Scaleway

Scaleway will meet the needs of innovation (developers, startups, enterprises) with a clear and coherent public cloud ecosystem, bringing together essential elements for computing (Compute instances, Baremetal servers, Kubernetes, GPU instances) but also for storage and data (object storage, Block storage, Database as a Service…) as well as key services for the network and artificial intelligence. Scaleway’s priority is to simplify the adoption of the cloud for new developer use cases.

A Private Infrastructure Offer for Companies: Scaleway Datacenter

Launched in 2011, Iliad Datacenter becomes Scaleway Datacenter, an offer for professional customers that takes care of their critical infrastructures in France. This activity, which historically was based on colocation, is now evolving towards private infrastructure services (baremetal, GPU, but also private cloud partners). Renowned customers such as Adobe, Leboncoin and Safran are already relying on our expertise in this domain.

The Transformation of Server Offers to Baremetal: Online by Scaleway

Online becomes Online by Scaleway to provide a smooth transition of products and services towards a complete cloud solution over time. Scaleway wants to preserve the habits while improving the service level of its historical customers significantly to a more flexible model, with an unified management, offering a much more intuitive, predictable and reliable experience.

*Source: Global Market Insights
**Source: Netcraft, October 2018