Today, we're happy to announce the opening of our second region!

All our users can now launch BareMetal and Starter cloud servers in both Paris and Amsterdam!

Since the initial launch of Scaleway, we received a lot of requests for new locations. Amsterdam is our first answer and is the beginning of our global expansion.
In short, here is what you need to know:

  • Pricing is the same accross all our regions
  • Paris (PAR1) and Amsterdam (AMS1) are designed to be totally independent regions
  • Control all your servers from one unique interface
  • All C2 based offers are available in AMS1 (C2S, C2M, C2L, VC1S, VC1M, VC1L)

All features are available now in both Paris and Amsterdam including Snapshots, Flexible IPs, Images, Security Groups, Flexible Volumes and our worldwide unique Seamless Scaling from virtual servers to BareMetal.
Our pricing stays unchanged, including unlimited transfer!

You can start a 2GB cloud server in Amsterdam for €2.99/mo or get up to 32GB for €23.99/mo. As always, you'll be billed by the hour!

Of course, all Operating Systems and InstantApps available in Paris are also available in Amsterdam.

Control panel

The addition of our new region was the occasion to do a small revamp of our control panel.
We've reworked the control panel to let you manage your servers in both datacenters from a unified and simple interface.

Here is our new creation page.

Scaleway Control Panel


From day one, our code and infrastructure were designed to support multiple autonomous regions. Each region has an independent control plane to increase resiliency. This is totally hidden in the control panel to keep things simple.
Behind the scene, we added a new API endpoint to deploy in Amsterdam, There is now a total of three endpoints to interact with Scaleway:

  • for Compute Power related actions in PAR1
  • for Compute Power related actions in AMS1
  • for account related actions

Outside of that, the API for AMS1 is exactly the same as for PAR1. We've recently refreshed our API documentation, check it out!

SCW CLI already includes AMS1 support, you can download the latest version and start deploying directly from the command line.


Netherlands presence allows us to offer our disruptive BareMetal and Starter cloud servers with ultra-low latency to north and central European customers. Amsterdam offers great connectivity options and we're directly connected to AMS-IX.

It took a few months of planning and deployment while we ramped our C2 production but our Amsterdam servers are now fully operational and waiting for you!

We built Scaleway for production workloads, having a second facility in another country was a must.

Getting started

To deploy in AMS1, simply select the Amsterdam location on the server creation page. Your server will be ready in less than a minute!

We believe that our cloud servers provide the best performance/price ratio on earth, try them out!

If you have any pricing or technical questions, join us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.

Happy Cloud Riding,

To sustain our triple digit growth, we're hiring in Paris!