We are proud to announce that we are expanding our operations and services  to the UK, as part of our global expansion. Scaleway, has a presence in over 160 countries, and we have been, over the past year, cementing our role as a global player.

Going live in the UK is another exciting step forward in our  international expansion, advancing our mission to build and scale the cloud in a way that makes sense to our customers and their end users. The UK market is of paramount importance for Scaleway's global growth strategy, and we’re looking forward to showcasing our innovative technologies and outstanding customer experience to our UK customers. To mark our arrival in the UK, we’re also excited to be launching our Startup Programs. These Programs have been a runaway success since their launch in 2020, supporting over 100 companies with IaaS and Paas services and invaluable training and mentoring. Having been a startup not so long ago ourselves, we believe it’s important to help the next generation of European tech leaders to scale.

With Covid 19, Europe has entered its greatest moment of digital and ecological transformation. Data centers and cloud computing are at the heart of this transformation. Scaleway’s latest expansion into London demonstrates that the UK is helping shape tomorrow's digital infrastructure. Scaleway started out with the belief that Europe has world-class digital sustainable solutions to offer. Solutions that can compete on a global scale and Brexit has not changed this. Scaleway continued sustainable growth across Europe will certainly keep proving that. Nora Gherbi, Former Chief Representative France for London and Partners

Scaleway for UK startups

To celebrate and mark our move to the UK, we are simultaneously launching a UK version of our successful global Startup Programs aimed at helping startups scale and reach a wider audience. Respectively launched in June and December 2020, Scaleway Global & Early Stage Startup Programs select 15 companies every month to participate in the scheme. Selected companies receive access to Scaleway’s cloud tools via credits worth up to £30,000 over a 6 to 12-month period in addition to training and mentoring in the fields of IT, product development and marketing. The Startup Programs also provide participants with an invaluable opportunity to leverage Scaleway’s international network of contacts.

As a result of GDPR, more and more startups are taking where their clients’ data is stored into careful consideration. Entrepreneurs that work with us can rest assured that their data, and that of their partners, is protected by the highest of security standards.

At Scaleway, we do not believe in lock-in approaches, we believe in accessible and distributed technology, we believe in open innovation towards positive societal impact. Yet we are also a business, so we strive to keep our customers happy and coming back for more. It is a subtle balance to achieve, as a corporate citizen, one that we can feel proud of, as both individual citizens of the world and as Scaleway collaborators.

“Scaleway has enabled us to grow rapidly by providing our entire cloud infrastructure needs, without breaking the bank. Now we can focus on our business operations & logistics, knowing our back-end has access to Scaleway’s powerful solutions at a more than reasonable pricing model. Scaleway’s Startup Program has empowered Cinebur by enabling us to focus on our early stage growth, while keeping peace of mind with regard to our back-end. With access to powerful cloud-native technologies, masterclasses, and a supportive community, Cinebur feels more confident than ever in its mission to save cinema.” Doddi El-gabry, Co-founder & CEO at Cinebur.


These programs are designed for startups who share our values and entrepreneurial DNA.

We know what it takes to build and scale a startup. Scaleway started small and has become an established full-stack cloud solution provider, with thousands of customers in over 160 countries.

Since our story started, times have changed. It’s no longer just about capital, product-market fit, velocity and scale. The digital world we are building will be more demanding than ever and is under close scrutiny by all stakeholders, clients, investors and regulators alike.

To retain talent, startups now need to align their values with those of their clients. Accordingly, you need to be very deliberate in the companies and tools you choose to work with. You need partnerships more than just providers.

We believe we are a uniquely positioned Infrastucture-as-a-Service provider with an array of competitive solutions that will enable you to deploy your own products, apps and businesses. We’ve combined an entrepreneurial DNA and our profoundly European roots with the size and agility to make us an ideal partner to power your company’s growth.

Applications for this special UK program are open from March 15 to April 15: https://bit.ly/sp-uk-application

We are looking to help the best startups grow and thrive by giving them the means and resources to rapidly scale. I am personally looking forward to receiving your application to see if there is a match!