Dear cloud riders,

To speed up its international deployments and to follow the launch of its new cloud ecosystem, Scaleway strengthens its workforce in “La Maison” Paris and Lille.

As a true foundation for the design and development of our products around the world, we recruit new DevOps, Front-End Developers, Product Managers, Cloud Solution Architects, Sales, Marketing and Tech-Experts to work alongside our current experts.

Several positions in different departments will be created:

  • Sales, Telesales and Cloud Solution Design, located in Paris
  • Technical Animation (Technical Writers, Event Managers, and Cloud Evangelists), located in Paris and Lille
  • Strategy and Product Marketing, located in Paris & Lille
  • Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Communication, located in Lille
  • DevOps SI & Run in PHP/Symfony Development, located in Lille

All job positions mentioned above will be soon available on our website We encourage all talents from different backgrounds to join the adventure and innovate with us in an amazing environment. Be part of the revolution to build the cloud expected by a brand new generation of developers.

The Scaleway Team