On top of giving you your first 75GB free each month to test our Object Storage, we also wanted to share a few simple tips with you to save you even more on your storage costs...

Object Storage in a nutshell

  • Concept: Object Storage has been designed to store very large amounts of static content. Your static assets (logs, backups, multimedia or text files, HTML pages, etc.) are named “objects” and are stored in containers called “buckets”.
  • S3 protocol: Our fully S3-compliant solution lets you to easily store and distribute your static content. For example, many of our customers use our Object Storage to store media files in a public bucket to make them broadly available via the HTTP protocol, or they use it to safely store their logs and backups in a private bucket.
  • User-friendly: Objects and buckets either can be managed via an API, or in a few clicks via the Scaleway Console with the Drag & Drop system!
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Three tips to maximize your savings

Our Object Storage includes many features to secure, manage and customize your data, while helping you to make savings thanks to:

#1 Two storage classes

Each class has its own use case, so make the most of it!

  • Standard Class: For static content you need to access frequently.
  • Glacier class (alias C14 Cold Storage): For archived content, that you can unarchive when necessary. Glacier class is five times cheaper than Standard class. Archiving or recovering data between classes is completely free of charge.

#2 Data Lifecycle management

Define rules for your objects at any given time after their upload:

  • Transition: Schedule the archiving of your objects from Standard class to Glacier class when you no longer need to access them frequently. This allows you to store your data in our lowest-cost class.
  • Expiration: Schedule the deletion of objects that you will no longer need. This allows you to avoid paying for unnecessary content.

#3 First 75 GB free

And the icing on the cake... as a Scaleway Elements customer, your first 75GB are free of charge, every month!

Create your first bucket

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To go further...

Feel free to join the #object-storage channel on Slack community to ask any question, or to share your thoughts and feedback with us!