Dear Cloud Rider,

We are pleased to announce that Scaleway's Private Networks is now in General Availability.

Private Networks enable to create your own layer-2 private networks between your instances. The General Availability includes all the following features :

  • Layer-2 private networks between instances
  • Up to 8 private networks per instance
  • Up to 255 private networks per organization
  • Up to 255 instances per private network
  • Private Networks API

Private Networks are available on the Scaleway Elements console and API for Development Instances, General Purpose Instances and GPU Instances. This feature is included at no extra cost.

We have step by step tutorials ready for you to try our new feature :

We welcome your feedback on our #private-networks Slack channel.

Private Networks is the first step towards a complete Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) product ecosystem. We have many VPC features coming on the roadmap and now is a good time to contact us with your own requirements. Do not hesitate to be in touch!

Scaleway's Network team.