Scaleway has worked hard from the beginning to provide you with the most reliable and production-ready solutions on the market by constantly investing in new technologies, state-of-the-art hardware and attracting the best talent. We’ve accelerated our activity in these key areas recently in our continuous effort to evolve from the leading ARM bare metal pioneer to one of the most complete public cloud platforms in the world.

Today, we offer almost 30 public cloud services, including several free products like our Kubernetes Kapsule orchestrator and our S3-compatible Object Storage. We have also expanded our support team and developer tools, while maintaining our focus on improving our datacenters’ energy efficiency.

Our recent customer survey has shown that more and more of you are using Scaleway to deploy your production infrastructures, with a native multi-cloud approach. This increased demand for our technologies requires premium performance, higher service levels and new tools to manage your infrastructures.

In order to continue to invest in these improvements and deliver the best customer experience possible, we will be increasing our Instances pricing from August 1st, 2020. This increase will be accompanied by greater performance stability and allows us to introduce differentiated pricing based on your usage. Despite this increase, our prices will remain on average 60 % lower than the main cloud offers on the market.

Our investment in innovation will soon be obvious and we can’t wait to show you what’s next. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to go even further with many highly anticipated and increasingly expert technologies that will join our ecosystem: Private Networks, MySQL managed databases, project management features and more! Our goal remains to deliver the best tools possible, at the best cost, with an increasingly complete, alternative, European and open cloud ecosystem.

Here are the details of the pricing evolutions as of August 1st, 2020:

Development Instances:

Offer Current price New price
DEV1-S €0.006/hour or €2.99/month €0.01/hour or €4.99/month
DEV1-M €0.016/hour or €7.99/month €0.02/hour or €9.99/month
DEV1-L €0.032/hour or €15.99/month €0.04/hour or €19.99/month
DEV1-XL €0.048/hour or €24.99/month €0.06/hour or €29.99/month

General Purpose Instances:

Offer Current price New price in Paris
GP1-XS €0.078/hour or €39/month €0.084/hour or €41.99/month
GP1-S €0.158/hour or €79/month €0.17/hour or €84.99/month
GP1-M €0.318/hour or €159/month €0.34/hour or €169.99/month
GP1-L €0.598/hour or €299/month €0.66/hour or €329.99/month
GP1-XL €1.138/hour or €569/month €1.40/hour or €699.99/month