Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions. We, at Scaleway, are fully aware of our responsibilities to keep our services running successfully. We know that many companies, communities and associations rely on our network and Datacenter infrastructures to operate. That is precisely why we have taken all the necessary steps to guarantee continuity of service.

Preserving the health and safety of our employees also remains a priority. Telecommuting and remote work were already partially implemented across our organization, and has been for many years already. As of Monday March 16th, it has become the norm for those who can effectively operate from afar, without affecting our operations, using state of the art hardware, software, and secure network access.

This means that in our offices in Lille and Paris, the default working mode is remote. All our teams (development, run, assistance, etc.) therefore remain fully operational and available.

In our Datacenters, specific measures have also been implemented while maintaining a 24/7 intervention capacity on your infrastructures. For customers in colocation (Scaleway Datacenter), in addition to the monitoring and supervision services, we have decided to ensure on-site technical support, for free, in order to compensate for the impossibility to allow third party access to our Datacenters. Entrances and exits are restricted to strict emergencies, in order to also protect our technicians located on site. Our maintenance plan has been updated with sequential and boxed interventions by technicians for operations that absolutely require a human presence.

Our network and datacenters are also ready for this unprecedented situation, both for Scaleway Elements (our public cloud) and Scaleway Dedibox (our server offerings). Our IaaS/PaaS infrastructures are already equipped to cope with major traffic spikes in normal times, especially during major events (sports, commercial, etc.). Even if we are already seeing more intensive demands than usual, linked to the increased use of digital tools, we do not currently foresee any impact on the overall performance, reliability or security of our infrastructures.

For the supply of new resources, no changes are to be expected in our usual procedures and timeframes at this stage. Our highly automated internal systems already enable minimum manual intervention. You can continue to manage and upgrade your services as usual, from our sites, APIs or directly from the Scaleway console. We are reinforcing with maximum vigilance the stocks of our different servers models, instances and storage without any risk of disruption in the coming weeks.

We would like to thank you for your continued trust. We know that the situation may evolve and we will keep you informed as soon as possible of any potential impact, in full transparency. Rest assured that our teams are fully committed to addressing the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this very peculiar time, and as a provider of digital infrastructures, we are more than ever aware of the social implications and what is at stake. We are being challenged by  a virus that drives us apart and forces us to isolate ourselves. We are an enabler of digital technology that represents a real solution for maintaining and strengthening social ties. In this context, the sovereignty of resources is more necessary than ever. All of us at Scaleway, as responsible citizens and as a corporate citizen, are committed to this mission.