When we started the project, two years ago, we had a simple idea: create a platform thought for the cloud, not just an evolution of virtualization. We wanted to avoid the performance cost of virtualization. We wanted to be sure we would not get any performance impact from noisy neighbors.

Today, we are excited to share with you the technology we built.

We designed and produced our own server hardware, here in France, to bring you an amazing innovation. Our pocket-sized server is smaller than than a business card! It's size combined to the small power footprint of arm SoCs allows us to reach a incredible density of 912 servers per rack!

You can now take advantage of the cloud yet retain the benefits of dedicated hardware. With our infrastructure you get everything on demand and no annoying roomate stealing your CPU cycles.

We are really enthusiast to launch a preview-version of our service. We would love you to be part of this adventure.

To get your invitation, just follow @online_en on Twitter and send us a direct message with your email. (We follow back)

-The Online Labs team