Happy New Year! Get 2021 rolling smoothly with our brand new batch of awesome startups who all have one thing in common - their innovative ideas will make your digital life easier!

CloudRadar (Germany):

CloudRadar's simple UX, preconfigured checks and default alerts are designed to help you get your monitoring up and running in minutes; no matter if you replace your previous tool or set up a new system. This solution was designed to allow anyone to be able to intuitively manage their system, spot issues, and take action.

Convesio (USA):

Convesio is a game-changer when it comes to managing your WordPress site. Simple, affordable, and powerful, their PaaS solution makes complex server setups a breeze. You can deploy a website with load balancers, a database cluster, and redundant file system in under a minute!

Instap.AI (France):

This solution is made to help you meet your clients’ needs. Instap.AI developed a 100% programmable loyalty program: collect data about your clients, offer them a secure payment solution, and track their needs in order to offer them the best experience… Long story short: keep your clients satisfied!

Ubiquity.AI (France):

A platform designed to deploy instant pricing decisions directly into your bidder for Ad Exchange, yes, it’s possible! Ubiquity.AI literally provides Decision-as-a-Service to simplify your ad acquisition process.