We got you the best present of all for Christmas - a whole new batch of startups exclusively from Central and Eastern Europe!

Beholder.ai (Estonia) :

This AI-based solution is modelling agencies' best ally. Beholder.ai helps you find your brand’s new muse by searching for signed or unsigned models corresponding to your needs with precise algorithms allowing you to save time and money!

EBKF (Poland) :

EBKF solution is meant to help your digital transformation with IoT. By gathering information about the work your machines do, you will increase productivity and reduce operating costs for your company. The monitoring works independent of the age, manufacturer or operating system used on your machine.

Localazy (Czech Republic) :

Localazy is a solution which translates your app into 80+ languages. You can choose your preferred integration method, upload strings very quickly, obtain translations from a highly accurate shared translation memory, and sync them in minutes. Make your idea go global!

Party Space (Ukraine) :

Who said we cannot host huge events because of COVID-19? Party Space used the essence of digital transformation to create their platform which allows you to host interactive virtual events of any size and/or complexity; from small after-party sessions to enterprise-level corporate celebrations.

Scan Factory (Belarus) :

ScanFactory SaaS platform monitors your external infrastructure, discovers vulnerabilities and reports security issues; all you need to provide is your domain.com and IPs. Their mission is to automate as many test cases as traditional penetration tests can cover manually.

SoMo Bot (Ukraine) :

SoMo bot is a tracking service which searches the web with the keywords you provide. Using a message app, get instantly notified whenever your brand, name, corporation or anything else is mentioned on the internet.