Our October batch of startups is made up of fantastic projects, each just as interesting as the next! They come from all across the world and have once again blown our minds with their ideas and expertise.

Supervisor (Finland):

This startup helps you speed your website up so that you don’t lose any customers or visitors! Making sure your platform is responsive, decreasing your page load time and preventing slowness - all thanks to AI - Supervisor’s got you covered!

Tap Mobile (Israel):

Tap Mobile is an app-development team whose goal is to optimize your cellphone in order for it to be just as efficient as a desktop. Thanks to AI technology (like facial recognition) they offer various highly efficient applications for business, managing utilities and entertainment.

Whispeak (France):

GDPR-friendly, this API-based solution identifies your voice amongst a secure cloud-stored database in just a few seconds. You can integrate Whispeak into any device with a microphone, using the platform of your choice. Your voice is the key.

Ownest (France):

Ownest uses Blockchain technology to restore confidence in the supply chain by certifying the transfer of responsibility between the various stakeholders. This solution allows its users to visualize their logistics network in real time, to empower its participants and to identify all the steps in a supply chain. From increased trust comes increased productivity...