No rest for the weary. The Startup Program worked incessantly during August! A refreshing breeze which prevailed even during the hottest period, thanks to the five new startups that joined us with their bunch of novelties.

Geotrend (France):

We often end up spending countless hours digging out the information we seek on the internet. This not only consumes a lot of time but affects our working efficiency… Designed for analysts and decision makers, Geotrend has developed a digital SaaS platform of artificial intelligence. The principle is simple: the platform maps the search and finds the interesting elements, you just have to choose the keywords!

Qovery (France):

Helping developers deploy their application without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure is something awesome and beautifully accomplished by Qovery. This brilliant team understood that in the DevOps world every second counts and organized themselves with a solution that helps them save time! Push your code and that's it, the job is done.

Flixstock (Singapore):

Flixstock has created a robotic solution to automate product photography. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the clothes and accessories photographed beforehand will be automatically affixed to the mannequin and adapted to its position. You just have to put up for sale!

Buster.AI (France):

Info or intox? Buster.AI, through an API platform, fact-based authentic information. Using a suite of algorithms, the application audits the reliability of the information you care about to provide you with an honest report, and that's not fake news.

Cellari (Denmark):

Automating the statistical results of clinical trials and providing a virtual analysis of biological images (MRI, scans, x-rays, etc.), is the ambition of Cellari. By combining artificial intelligence and medical expertise, this platform aims to reduce redundant and complex tasks.

Verteego (France):

Prediction platform based on AI, Verteego gives you visibility on the management of your stocks, prices, promotions, resources ... An essential solution to no longer navigate blind, this startup also allows you and above all to boost your sales !