We are excited to introduce the five laureates joining our Startup Program in July. Five startups, five promising projects.

Asayer (France) :

This parisian startup made your stack functioning their top priority. You can relive your users experience, find out any problems on your interface, and debug your system without waiting for feedback. All in all, Asayer allows you to manage your platform and prevent the occurrence of complex issues.

QuestDB (Royaume-Uni) :

Because sharing and developing goes together, QuestDB is your answer for an opensource time-series database. Fast, user-friendly, cost-effective and with a maximized SQL, this is the best option to deploy with total peace of mind…

ViralStat (Pologne) :

Concerned about digital video trends? ViralStat created a platform allowing you to manage your visibility, growth and competitive analysis thanks to its unique interface. In today's time, where people spend 2 hours per day on average on social media, where trends & tendancies evolve by the second, it is essential to stay updated which is why ViralStat is a must.

MEE6 (France) :

The MEE6 team, worthy heir of Dr Frankenstein, invented a ‘bot which makes your life easier on Discord. It allows you to add features to your servers like moderation rules, setting customized notifications and sending automatic messages. This innovative solution will unite your communities and makes your life easier!

Powerslide / Datarocks (France) :

Juggling between various softwares and tabs often becomes tiring & troublesome. Powerslide offers you an innovative way of consolidating all your information on one single platform, ensuring you are always on track of everything, save valuable time and manage your work better.