Freshly selected and enrolled in the Startup Program by Scaleway, we are pleased to present the winners for June. Covering various fields of activities such as IoT, robotics, SaaS, or hardware, these gemstones come to us from all over Europe and the world. But let us tell you a little more about these startups before revealing them to you in greater depth in our series of podcasts.

Bearer (France - USA)

We see an exponential growth of personal data exchanged in the software we are using and building every day. As a result, users are asking for more privacy and transparency and an increasing number of data regulations are created everywhere in the world, GDPR being the most famous. Guillaume and Cedric started Bearer to help enterprise companies automate their GDPR compliance by implementing privacy by design directly in their software development's lifecycle.

UnaBiz (Taiwan - Singapore)

UnaBiz's ambition is to solve one of the biggest problems in the world of IoT (Internet-of-things), the cost! When you take into account the return on investment, most companies cannot afford a vast deployment of IoT solutions that could revolutionize their industry. And this is mainly due to the fact that the IoT ecosystem is too fragmented right now. Leveraging the Sigfox network, UnaBiz offers a solution allowing its customers to adopt what they call the "Massive IoT".

The Data Appeal Company (Italy)

What if we could interpret data from customer experiences to reveal and understand why they act in a certain way (purchases, preferences, criticisms) and anticipate their future needs? The Data Appeal Company provides unique insights about a point of interest, a geographic region, or more broadly on a global level by integrating real-time customer experience data and business data.

LightOn (France)

LightOn's slogan is "We bring Light to AI" and indeed! Since LightOn builds the first hardware photonic acceleration technology for artificial intelligence, called the Optical Processing Unit (OPU). OPUs allow to boost conventional silicon chips such as CPUs or GPUs, on massive calculations, and with lower power consumption. An excellent solution to run and boost its Machine Learning models.

Robot4Work (Germany)

Being greeted by a humanoid robot as a receptionist, reception staff, or sales assistant in hotels, restaurants, retail stores, museums, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and so on improves workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. This service represents the value proposition that Robot4Work Robotic Services offers to companies in the hospitality and services sector. These robots can operate in complete autonomy and can be supported in real-time by remote human assistance to improve their efficiency and meet specific needs.

All together, they are a batch of startups that is just as varied in terms of industry sector, target market, or solutions deployed as it is in terms of geographical location. In the coming days, we will release a series of dedicated podcasts to introduce you to these gemstones in more detail and by the main interested parties.

You are a startup and you would like to know more about the program and apply, please check our Startup Program by Scaleway page.