For the past 6 months, we have been working hard to improve the customer and user experience. Thanks to these improvements, we have been able to boost customer satisfaction, and we do not intend to stop there...  

Indeed, as of today, our support plans and service levels are evolving to better meet your business requirements. Thanks to the new Scaleway Elements assistance guarantees, our technical advisors and technical account managers are even more reactive, proactive, and better assist you in achieving your goals.    

What changed

  • To reinforce our services, and give you a better experience, customers who have subscribed to the Bronze support plan (previously Developer) are now able to call the hotline, and customers who have subscribed to the Silver support plan (previously Business) benefit from improved guaranteed response times.
  • To reduce your waiting time, a new queuing system will be introduced as of mid-December. Each time you call the hotline, you will be asked to identify yourself with a 10 digit number (ID+PIN). Only customers who are identified as subscribing to a billable support plan will be able to connect to our hotline. This new system ensures that you are automatically routed to the right representative. Your identification information will be available in the Scaleway console.
  • To highlight the tiering of our support plans, their names have changed. Calling a support plan Enterprise or Business no longer makes sense, as not all companies have the same assistance needs. From now on, the support plans will be referred to as Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Therefore, all our customers have been switched to the new support plans automatically, with the following equivalent services:
Service Basic
Evolution of Developer
Evolution of Business
Evolution of Enterprise
Tickets 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
Hotline - From 9am to 6pm 24/7 24/7
- - Technical Account Manager Technical Account Manager
+ Exclusive 2 hour
monthly session with a
cloud solution architect
response time
- ≤ 12 hours ≤ 20 min Tailor-made, contac us
Monthly price Included €9.99 excl. tax €59 excl. tax From €499 excl. tax
Upgrade your support plan

A well-structured team of experts

The evolution of our support levels is also accompanied by a reorganization of the support team. A team of bilingual French/English specialists in Scaleway’s Paris offices helps you and answers your questions. The Customer Excellence team now includes support by level (1 and 2), the “Trust and Safety” team, and the TAMs (Technical Account Manager). In addition, the new “experience” team also recently joined this department in order to bring their product, hiring, training and internal project management expertise to the team. The Customer Excellence team is continuing to grow, Scaleway is currently hiring specialists and TAMs.

“We take 2,200 calls and handle over 12,500 support tickets each month,” said Nicolas Bonheur, Chief Customer Officer.“Customer support is crucial, and we are putting everything in place to improve the customer and user experience. As well as the reorganization of the department, we are implementing a new hotline system to automatically connect clients with the right representatives. Thanks to these improvements, we have been able to boost customer satisfaction, and we do not intend to stop there. We are currently working on an instant messaging and video calling system for 2021, as well as a ‘follow the sun’ micro-team.”

The best is yet to come...