Following the facelift and the renaming of our dedicated servers, it's time for our top range offers to evolve as well. They are now equipped with Intel Xeon Silver and Gold processors.

Top of the Line Core Offers

Designed to achieve outstanding performances, these dedicated Core servers are equipped with Bi-Xeon Silver (4114) and Bi-Xeon Gold (5120 ou 6140) processors with up to 36 cores per server. They benefit from a SSD NVMe storage capacity (2,4 or 8 TB) and a memory volume which can vary from 128 GB to 768 GB to ensure a maximum processing quality. Those servers have an extraordinary computational power and can definetly support very intensive workloads such as data processing, computer modeling or video encoding.

From now on, all these configurations, which were previously accessible only as custom-designed servers, are available now from 269,99 € VAT exclusive, without commitment. Also, their installation is free! You will find below their configuration details:

Discover the latest Core offers:

Name Processor RAM Storage Price/mo (ex. VAT)
Core-5-S 2× Intel Xeon Silver 4114 (20C/40T - 2,2 GHz) 128 GB 2× 1 TB SSD NVMe €269,99
Core-5-L 2× Intel Xeon Gold 5120 (28C/56T - 2,2 GHz) 384 GB 4× 1 TB SSD NVMe €449,99
Core-5-XL 2× Intel Xeon Gold 6140 (36C/72T - 2,3 GHz) 768 GB 8× 1 TB SSD NVMe €909,99
All of these [offers are available right now]( and you can place your order right away!

Need for Storage Servers?

Profit from dedicated storage capacity with the best price-performance rate!

Our latest Store offers:

Name Processor RAM Storage Price/mo (ex. VAT)
Store-1-S Intel Xeon E3-1220 (4C/4T - 3,1 GHz) 32 GB 2× 4 TB SATA €39,99
Store-2-M Intel Xeon E5-1410 v2 (4C/8T - 2,8 GHz) 64 GB 3× 6 TB SATA €99,99
Store-2-L Intel Xeon E5-1620 v4 (4C/8T - 3,5 GHz) 64 GB 12× 4 TB SATA €299,99
Store-4-XL 2× Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 (12C/24T - 2,4 GHz) 96 GB 24× 500 GB SSD €399,99

Don't hesitate to discuss it with the community or to contact our support team. We will be happy to assist you.