Scaleway celebrated its 21st birthday just a few days ago, and what a journey it has been! From Online Dedibox to Scaleway Elements, we have been disrupting the hosting world for more than two decades, making Scaleway the fastest growing cloud provider worldwide.

From day one, we have been focusing on what really matters to you: flexible, cost-effective, reliable, secure and sustainably-powered resources. Today, we are building the next step for infrastructure resilience: multiple Availability Zones - or multi-AZ.

Multi-AZ: opening a new world of possibilities

Transitioning from a traditional VPS host to a world-class Cloud Provider means accessing a complete ecosystem that we encourage you to leverage, starting from on-demand, pay-by-the-hour & virtually unlimited resources. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We strive to provide our customers with interoperable protocols, such as S3-compatible object storage. We enhanced multi-cloud possibilities with our world-exclusive Multi-Cloud Load Balancers and Kosmos, the first Kubernetes engines allowing deployed nodes on instances from any cloud provider, within a Scaleway control plane. We fostered automation with our Terraform provider validated by Hashicorp.

Today, we take it to the next level: we are excited to announce Multi-Availability Zone (Multi-AZ) in Paris. This first 3-AZ region is a huge step toward our ambition to offer true and world-class resilience.

For our first 3-AZ region, we wanted to go big with an extraordinary location for extraordinary projects: fr-par-3, our Nuclear Shelter AZ. If you want to discover how Scaleway is able to leverage its decades-long excellence, transforming a nuclear fallout shelter into a datacenter, we invite you to read this blogpost: Meet fr-par-3, our Nuclear Shelter AZ.

Build for maximum availability and flawless data durability

Concerning IT infrastructures, what matters most to your end-users is ensuring maximum availability and flawless data durability. No matter what, your applications, websites, and services have to stay up and running, and your data must be protected.

In a multi-AZ scenario, we achieve enhanced availability and data durability by distributing the workload into separate geographical zones that are at significant distance from each other. Increasing your infrastructure resilience to a level that would be unreachable with a single data center.

Historically, when a single node (either an instance or a database node) is easy to “lift and shift” from historical, monolithic infrastructure, it is also highly vulnerable to any faulty node. In other words, you’re building SPOFs, or “Single Points Of Failures”.

Following best practices with Load Balancers and database replicas, we enable you to build infrastructures that are tolerant to faulty nodes: if one of your nodes were to crash, your websites and applications would have close to no downtime.

With multi-AZ strategies, we go even further, achieving regional resiliency. It means protection from wide-scale AZ failures: fire, power and/or cooling disruptions, floods or any catastrophic events that would be limited to a particular Availability Zone.

By doing so, we are giving you the ability to build architecture that will continue providing the same quality of service even in the event of up to 2 AZ failures - depending on the service and your architectural choices. Without the customer even knowing that something went wrong somewhere.

Paving the future of Scaleway

This is only the beginning of our incredible journey. Here is a sneak-peek behind the curtain:

  • Paris is the first multi-AZ region, but multi-AZ will soon become the norm in our regions in Poland and Netherlands. And many other locations are coming in the next few years !

  • Multi-AZ is just a means, an incredible tool to help us provide incredible services. And obviously, it will have a major impact on our roadmap, especially for our managed services. To achieve maximum availability and flawless data durability, you will see a major improvement in our storage offer in the next few months: stay tuned!

We hope that you are as excited as we are, here at Scaleway, to build the future of the European Cloud Computing landscape. In the meantime, today is as good as any other day for you to try our seamless cloud ecosystem: sign-in now !