With spring about to be sprung, we can see a lot of new startups blooming. Dare to guess where the best are? Onboarded into our Startup Programs, of course! Let us see what they do…

B.A.M. Ticketing (Austria) :

B.A.M provides tamper-proof ticketing for live events. Secured by blockchain technology, it eliminates black markets, adds revenue for artists and ensures fair prices for the fans. The perfect alliance of tech and art!

Le Fourgon (France) :

Le Fourgon's project is to breathe new life into home consumption by integrating local, environmental and digital responsibility at the heart of the project.

Reemo (France) :

A high performance low latency streaming desktop.A solution based on the principle of streaming, to provide access to digital environments with high graphics intensity and sensitivity to latency. From any screen connected to the internet! Reemo’s mission? Make users' IT tools transparent and accessible from everywhere.

Power_ecosystem (Estonia) :

They help businesses to launch their own enterprise-grade blockchain in seconds with full vendor-level support and no need to customize the network, adapt it to the legacy systems for each business and maintain it… Power_ecosystem is the world's first multi-Blockchain PaaS.

Scan and Buy (Poland) :

Scan and Buy helps traditional retailers reach out to customers the same way online retailers do, based on user data, predictive analysis, and targeted marketing. They also provide mobile shopping user experience to in person stores, using image recognition, augmented reality, and mobile self-checkout.

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