We’re very proud to welcome more and more incredible projects each month! Take a peek at the talented startups from our latest batch.

Kolomnie (Poland):

This startup is creating a space where businesses can actively attract new customers by creating a Netflix-like experience for their users, with cool offers and innovative ideas. Kolomnie.pl offers a new way for users to experience their surroundings by aggregating local business information from social media.

NLP Cloud (France):

This startup offers a powerful multilingual AI service able to generate (or proofread or understand) texts ready for publication. And thanks to NLP Cloud’s solution, you can fine-tune and deploy your own AI models, even without any coding skills. From blog posts to chatbot messages to headlines, creating content has never been so easy!

Prophesee (France):

PROPHESEE creates both neuromorphic sensors and bio-inspired algorithms that function like the eyes and the brain. This holistic approach is a fundamental shift in computer vision – the departure from frame-based sensors, to event-based vision systems.

Reliasol (Poland):

An expert in digital transformation, Reliasol leverages AI to assess data generated by machines to anticipate potential challenges. Identify the causes of failures in real-time and optimize the operation and maintenance process of your machines.

Sara AI (Poland):

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become best friends with your vocal assistant? All you need is the best AI. Sara AI is an Artificial General Intelligence project that not only answers questions like an ordinary assistant, but can also ask them. It is just like having a conversation with another human being.

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