July saw an awesome batch of new startups joining, with our special edition dedicated to The Netherlands. Fresh talents bloomed like tulips everywhere!

Cargoplot (Netherlands):

This startup offers a shipping and logistics matching platform to connect e-commerce importers with freight forwarding services. Not only does Cargoplot connect you with the best match, but it also guides you through the transportation, the communications, and the customs documentation processes.

DemaTrading (Netherlands):

DemaTrading helps traders automate, optimize and publish their strategies, and allow people to invest in these strategies. This startup makes your life hassle free. With their homemade open-source backtesting tool, they are making trading strategy development a real delight!

Erxes (USA):

This platform is designed to help your business grow faster and better. Erxes offers one tool for sales, marketing and customer support. Now, you can treat all of your customers like close friends!

Europechain (Netherlands):

Europechain is a GDPR supporting blockchain enterprise platform managed and governed by experienced validators. Their team has carefully crafted a blockchain solution tailored for businesses operating in the European Union.

MRIguidance (Netherlands):

MRIguidance exploits the technological possibilities in medical imaging to benefit value-based healthcare and deliver safe patient care. They do that by combining a deep understanding of MRI physics with the newest image analysis and Machine Learning techniques.

Neosound Intelligence (Netherlands):

This AI tech company provides quality management and customer experience solutions for all centers. With Neosound you can optimize customer communication by analyzing the speech in customer phone calls automatically.

Pytheas Capital Advisors (France):

As an independent actor, Pytheas Capital Advisors offers companies innovative and alternative financing solutions. They support you, as an advisor, in setting up secured transactions, and turning your assets into cash!

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