How great is it to have such a shiny new batch of startups for the arrival of summer?! Let us introduce the new members of our Growth Stage Startup Program - from Blockchain to A.I., their expertise will blow your mind!

Bionatics (France):

Thanks to Bionatics’ platform, territories can become more attractive, sustainable and agile for less. This collaborative solution allows for all users to contribute easily. Bionatics has a wise-city approach which is not only better than complex and expensive smart-city offerings, but can also be used by  rural and peri-urban areas.

BreedR (England):

Breedr is a data-driven platform which supports the livestock supply chain. Using individual animal performance data you can predict growth rates, giving farmers (as producers) the ability to forecast better, and providing visibility to meat processors and retailers. This results in better breeding efficiency, better welfare and reduced environmental impact.

Nunki (France): leverages state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to continuously collect and analyze a massive amount of unstructured data sources (social media, online news, sensors, etc.) and alert clients of emerging risks and events.

SkewerLab (France):

SkewerLab enables content creators and agencies to easily produce and deliver ultra-personalized videos - at scale and on the fly - according to audience profiles, device, duration, location, and behavior.

SkillZ (France):

SkillZ was founded by blockchain enthusiasts. This platform enables investors and builders to manage validators and read-write nodes on multi-cloud infrastructures in a simple, fast, and secure way.

TechTracker (UK):

This startup’s technology provides partners with crucial insights into technologies from across over 200 millions domains to leverage information and grow businesses. TechTracker offers analysis tools to spot trends, research markets, generate leads and find prospects. You can start converting new leads now with better data.

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