Following our UK Special Edition, we are very proud to introduce the fantastic startups which joined our Growth Stage Program last month. We’re not lying when we say that this batch is the best thing since sliced bread! Take a look below to find out all about them.

Avasa AI (England):

This startup offers professional and personalized home search solutions which are affordable for everyone! They make relocation to and within the UK easy and accessible for employees looking for a new home, whether they be a senior executive or a graduate moving for their first job. Avasa’s Sherpa service also helps anyone who is planning to move to or within the UK.

Beagle Security (India):

This startup offers a web app and website penetration testing tool. Beagle Security helps you discover security issues at the right time, and address them in the right way! You can integrate it with your CI/CD pipeline & communication apps for an automated and continuous AI-powered vulnerability assessment process.

Ionburst (Scotland):

Ionburst proactively protects data across its entire lifecycle. Data defence-in-depth protects each asset against threats, leaks, surveillance, hardware failures and network compromises. Their solution also uniquely heals assets against downtime, failure, loss and unavailability, without duplication.

Road.Travel (England):

Road.Travel offers curated itineraries from experts and travellers with unlimited booking for carefully selected hotels, places and routes. You can optimize any trip to your budget in seconds! Same journey – personalized experience, just fill in your travel profile.

Thanks Ben Ltd ( England):

An all-in-one solution to manage benefits! Ben takes any existing benefits programme and instantly adds flexibility so your staff can choose what matters to them - no matter where they are. You can offer anything with the Ben Mastercard attached to benefits budgets - the only limits are those you set.

Wedo Ventures (Scotland):

Wedo is a neobank which gives you the power to manage, schedule and host events and livestreams. With Wedo Ventures you can thrive both on and offline, and earn in real time, as well as send and receive payments with a community. What’s more, it's free when you sign up for a Wedo debit wallet account!

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