Guess what? No, it’s not an April Fool’s - a whole new batch of awesome startups joined our Global Startup Program! Discover more about these tech geniuses and their solutions right away.

Eva Engines (France):

Thanks to AI, this FashionTech can help you bring your projects to life. With Eva Engines’ solutions, brands can go from a sketch to a realistic 2D product image in 60 seconds. As for modeling agencies, Eva Engines helps you scout models by searching social media. Get designing, and the rest will follow...

Invenis (France):

With the full support of a team of experts (Data Analysts, Data Consultants), you can quickly exploit the potential of all your data thanks to the Invenis platform, and gain complete autonomy in the use of this data.

Intugine (India):

Modern day supply chain processes are up against a high degree of volatility and uncertainty. Intugine offers best in class technology solutions that provide accurate visibility and orchestration capabilities, to help businesses build agile, optimized and resilient supply chains.

LocateRisk (Germany):

In the age of digitalization, cyber attacks against businesses and their value chains are on the rise. LocateRisk offers a computer security scan within 48 hours that anyone can understand. This shows you the cyber risk of your business compared to direct competitors.

SAHAR (France):

SAHAR specializes in the collection, analysis and visualization of big data. The company designs tools that can be inserted into processing chains or operate independently. Thus, it bases its value proposition on a flexible and innovative approach to data science with research work in AI, ML, Deep Learning, NLP and the study of graphs.

ScaleDynamics (France):

A fully managed less-code platform for your frontend and Node.js backend. Discover a new world and develop faster than ever before, automate away mundane tasks and focus on building your innovations, all thanks to ScaleDynamics.

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