Your cloud infrastructure needs to be built on a solid foundation. PRO2 – the second generation of Scaleway's Instances is designed for this by powering your high-performance production workloads within a complete cloud ecosystem.

Scaleway offers a complete range of Instances to meet all your use cases, starting from the smallest Stardust and DEV1 Instances for development and testing, up to the larger GP1 and Enterprise Instances for more intensive production workloads.

While continuing to optimize our existing products, we have been working hard to develop a new generation of Instances. Today, we are excited to launch our second generation of General Purpose Instances - PRO2!

PRO2: a new generation of production-grade Instances

For the past 50 years, technological developments have been predicted and demonstrated by Moore's Law. For example, as transistors become more efficient, computers become smaller and faster, so performance improves rapidly over time.

"The Singularity is near: when humans transcends biology" - Ray Kurzweil

As a reliable cloud provider, we are committed to supporting and enabling the long-term growth of our users. Whether you are hosting your web server, building a SaaS solution, or requiring high-performance computing for your intensive workload, you need a reliable and robust virtual machine to support your production. Instances, as the most fundamental cloud product, are at the core of business development and growth. For this reason, we make sure to always keep our hardware up-to-date. We are the first European cloud provider to build our next-generation virtual machines PRO2 with the world's highest-performance 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series processors.

It’s not just about the hardware

Hardware updates are important and constant, PRO2 Instances has also been revamped on both product and service levels - we learned a lot from our users’ feedback, which allowed us to improve the offer to respond to user needs.

Unlike the previous generation – GP1 Instances – PRO2 Instances start smaller and offer a broader range to meet different needs and more use cases, ranging from 2 to 32 vCPUs with 4GB of memory per vCPU and high-bandwidth networking. No matter the size of your production environment, with a 99.99% service level agreement, you can trust your infrastructure, and your customers can trust you.

Thanks to powerful hardware, PRO2 performs 37% better than GP1, based on Geekbench scores while remaining competitive on the market. It has solid reliability features: boot-on-block, security groups, VPC features with Private Networks and Public Gateway, snapshots with point-in-time recovery, and so on.

Best price/performance ratio

We want to make the top hardware affordable. PRO2 Instances start from €0.055 per hour. Compared to AWS, GCP, and Azure which offer Instances based on 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series processors, PRO2 provides the best price/performance ratio, allowing you to save up to 40% on infrastructure costs.

In addition, the price of Scaleway’s Instances includes the inbound and outbound transfer of virtual machines, helping you scale while avoiding unexpected expenses.

Transparency is as important as pricing. We strive to make our billing extremely predictable with no hidden fees. Our invoices are clear and easy to read so you can understand the cost of your infrastructure at a glance.

Instances Benchmark

Plug your Instance into Scaleway’s cloud ecosystem

PRO2 Instances are fully compatible with Scaleway’s entire ecosystem. It comes with boot-on-block by default for high scalability up to 10TB and high resilience with 3*replication. You can scale up to Enterprise Instances or downsize to Development Instances easily by detaching and reattaching your block volumes.  Managed Kubernetes is available to deploy PRO2 Instances and automate the scaling of your containerized applications in a few clicks. Managed Databases, Object Storage, Private Network, Load Balancers, Serverless… You get everything you need to build your architecture.

Want to give it a try? Don’t hesitate! Deploy PRO2 Instances in seconds using Scaleway’s console, or any tools you are used to: Terraform? You bet. CLI? We've got you covered.

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