After several months in early access and beta periods, the Load Balancer now enriches our cloud ecosystem and allows our customers to secure the availability of their platform by providing more flexibility and resilience. This service is characterized by a high availability design and an all-inclusive, unlimited package.

Availability, Performance & Simplified Scaling

With the implementation of your Load Balancer, you will build the resilience of your infrastructure by spreading your traffic over several resources also called "backends". Compatible with Instances and Dedibox dedicated server ranges (Kubernetes ready), you will be able to define an unlimited quantity of resources on which you want to distribute your traffic. If one of your resources fails, your traffic will automatically be switched to the other available resources, in order to ensure the continuity of service of your platform.

This availability is even more critical when you are facing a peak load related to a marketing campaign, a sales event, or a peak of activity. We have worked on the user interface to make it simple and to add your resources in a few clicks. You can also choose to use our API to modify your configuration when needed or to make it automated. Resources will be added and configured transparently to quickly increase your capacity and maintain good performance for an optimal service quality. Those resources can be deleted with equal ease to restore your initial capacity.

Beyond availability and performance, your growth and the continuous evolution of your projects require you to be able to adapt your platform more and more quickly. For this reason, the implementation of a Load Balancer simplifies horizontal scaling with unlimited addition of resources. This design also allows you to easily modify your resources to choose the most appropriate references for your different projects.

High Availability Design

To guarantee the availability of our Load Balancer, we have designed it with a primary/replica configuration. This enables an automated failover with a continuous regeneration of this configuration to ensure the availability of the load balancing service.

When you configure your Load Balancer, you will have access to many settings including the choice of protocol (HTTP/TCP), the port to monitor, the distribution algorithm (round-robin, least connection) as well as the type of test to ensure the availability of your resources before validating the traffic distribution (HTTP, MYSQL, LDAPP…). The HTTPS can be managed by TLS passthrough with TCP mode.

All-Inclusive & Unlimited

Load Balancer service is offered as an all-inclusive package: unlimited traffic and unlimited resources (backends). No hidden cost, the Load Balancer Scaleway is available by the hour (€0.018/hour excluding taxes) with a cap of €8.99/month excluding taxes.

For more information, visit our page Load Balancer or connect directly to the Scaleway console to start your first service.