Early 2021, we announced the release of the Easy Deploy feature in Kubernetes Kapsule to deploy your containerized applications on a Kubernetes cluster in just a few clicks. To simplify Kubernetes usage even more, we are now releasing the Application Library as part of the Easy Deploy feature.

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Helping our users with the Kubernetes learning curve

Kubernetes can be an intimidating technology, with its multiple abstraction layers, options, and configuration. With our Kubernetes products, Scaleway aims to make this new technology reachable for anyone who wants to test it and use it in production. We strongly believe that helping our customers learn the best practices of Kubernetes and its usage is the right way to go.

This way of thinking led us to release the first version of the Easy-Deploy feature in early 2021, allowing users to deploy their containers from a public Scaleway Container Registry namespace to their Kubernetes Kapsule cluster.

Early 2022 is the time to release the next phase of our Easy-Deploy project with the Application Library.

A growing library of application

The Application Library allows you to deploy off-the-shelf applications already preconfigured for the Scaleway ecosystem, to use with products such as Scaleway Load Balancer and Scaleway Block Storage.

Deploying an application in Kubernetes usually requires a specific configuration depending on the Cloud Provider hosting the cluster. These configurations often concern the specifics of using a Load Balancer service or Block Storage for data persistency.

When using the Application Library, those parameters are preset by default, ensuring that no further configuration is required to get a functional application up and running.

This feature is available in Kubernetes Kapsule clusters and Kubernetes Kosmos clusters, making it easier than ever to deploy redundant applications, even on a multi-cloud infrastructure.

From CMS (Content Management Systems) to CI/CD applications, you can deploy the applications you need in just a few clicks, without the hassle of fine-tuning the configuration.

As the feature matures and based on the needs of our community, the Application Library will be growing with new applications.

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Advanced configurations

If you're a more advanced user, you still have access to all your applications' configuration files, and can modify and iterate on these configurations on the go. Not only will you be able to edit the configuration directly in the Scaleway Console, but you will also have a direct return for the API in case of misconfiguration, providing an all-in-one interface for configuration fine tuning and testing.

yaml configuration

Try K8s Application Library

The Application Library is a new feature to help users discover and use the popular Kubernetes technology by removing some of the technical blocks and apprehensions surrounding this technology.

It will help newcomers discover the full scope of what Kubernetes offers. It will also help expert users iterate and build their infrastructure, from proof of concept to a production environment.

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