As we celebrate the first anniversary of one of our most beloved products, the container orchestrator, Kubernetes Kapsule, we are happy to announce we are launching an inventive and community-centered experience: the Breakathon. On March 25, developers and user communities of all levels are invited to test the limits of Kubernetes Kapsule clusters, and truly put their skills to the test, combining web development, multi-cluster management, AI case studies and performance analysis.

The Breakathon - "Are you boss level?”

Based on the concept of a traditional hackathon, this 9-hour marathon of technological challenges comes with a twist. Scaleway is also inviting its community to test the limits of its Kubernetes Kapsule solution in the most creative and extreme way possible. The Breakathon will offer its participants an unprecedented opportunity to participate in building a meaningful ecosystem, while having fun.

The virtual event is open to attendees from different backgrounds, with varying degrees of expertise and experience. Prior knowledge of Docker or even Kubernetes is a plus, but tutorials and webinars from Scaleway’s experts will be provided to support beginners. Each challenge will be duly monitored during the event, and a jury composed of Kubernetes experts will choose the winning teams who will be rewarded with high-tech prizes such as a custom-built computer, accessories, credits for the entire Scaleway ecosystem, and much more.

"Participating in the Kubernetes Kapsule Breakathon is a way to not only test how well users know Kubernetes, no matter your level, but also to invite them to participate in and influence the evolution of the product. Nowadays, the possibilities offered by Kubernetes Kapsule are sometimes under-exploited. Software editors have shifted their priorities and are now massively investing in SaaS (Software as a Service) models. We want to demystify the complexity of security in the cloud and Kubernetes architecture", said Emmanuelle Demompion, Scaleway Product Manager Kubernetes Kapsule.

Four main themes to put participants to the test

The Breakathon will challenge all developers, users and partners to test their knowledge with Scaleway’s solutions. Hyper scalability, optimized response times and high availability will be in the spotlight via four major themes: "Artificial Intelligence", "Software as a Service", "Security and Architecture" and "Fun and Games".

Practical information about the event:

Thanks to all the partners who have joint the adventure with us!