Scaleway Block Storage is now available in general availability. This is an important milestone for our ecosystem! You can now create limitless high-performance SSD volumes. Enjoy 5,000 IOPS at only €0.08/GB per month, and soon 10,000 IOPS for €0.12/GB per month with our upcoming SSD+ offer.

Block Storage lets you create remote network-attached SSD volumes. They can be attached on the fly to your instances[1] and are both fast and flexible. This storage type is a serious candidate to host your databases and other persistent data. Feel free to have a look at our article explaining the different storage types if you want to know more.

Easy Provisioning & Easy Setup

Identically to all Scaleway products, we designed Block Storage with user experience in mind. You can both create a block volume alone or with a new instance. It can be done in a few simple clicks in the console (see links above) or directly through the API using "volume_type": "b_ssd". Checkout the Volumes section of our Instance API documentation if you are looking for more technical details.

Creating a Block Storage volume takes no more than 15 seconds.

Once your volume is created and attached to an instance, you have to format and mount it to start using it. If you are not familiar with the mkfs and mount commands, we wrote a step-by-step tutorial to help you.

3× Replicated Data & High IOPS

Block Storage is designed to host data which is both critical and frequently accessed. Everything you store on block volumes is replicated three times. This allows us to guarantee the availability of your data even in case of a disk failure and to offer you a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 %.

We also guarantee 5,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS) in the standard SSD class. This is sufficient enough for most production uses, but if you need more, the SSD+ class will offer 10,000 IOPS by mid-2020.

The 5,000-IOPS offer is charged €0.08/GB without any transfer fee or operation costs, which represents a great price-performance ratio:

Our standard Block Storage SSD offer compared to some of our competitors.

On the feature side, you can migrate a block volume from one instance to another without restarting them[1]. You can also easily back up your Block Storage volumes using snapshots. They are not yet compatible with local volumes, but it’s on our roadmap. In addition, you will be able to scale up your volumes on the fly by the end of the quarter.

To start using Scaleway Block Storage, simply go to the Instances section of the console. You can also use the Instance API, Terraform or our Go SDK. In addition, please join the #block-storage channel on our public Slack if you have any comments or questions. Your thoughts and feedback are more than welcome!

Discover Block Storage

  1. If your instances have not been restarted for a long time, you may have to power off then power on them once to be able to do so.