Today, we're glad to announce that IPv6 is not anymore on the roadmap: IPv6 is a reality on the Scaleway platform.


We've seen a huge demand for IPv6 since our initial release of the C1 and we've initially planned to release IPv6 with the C1. We faced some unexpected challenge on our 1st generation router operating system making it really difficult to release IPv6 on the C1.
During the R&D phase of our new C2 servers, we've been working to ensure the C2 and VPS servers were fully IPv6 compliant from day one. The C2 servers are connected to our new generation of routers which are using our new router operating system, Growth Router Operating System (GrOS). We designed GrOS to be fully IPv6 ready.
Starting now, IPv6 is available on all our C2 and VPS servers.

Your IPv6 connectivity works as your IPv4 except it won't traverse our global IPv4 NAT layer. IPv6 is transported on the same interface as your IPv4 connectivity, you'll benefit from the same amazing 2.5Gbit/s native connectivity on the C2S and 5Gbit/s on the C2M and C2L!

IPv6 will also let you spare €1 per server if you don't need a public IPv4. As such, you can now benefit from a VPS with 2GB of ram, 50GB of SSD, 200Mbit/s unmetered bandwidth for as low as €1.99 per month.

##### Enabling IPv6 on your server Enabling IPv6 on your VPS or C2 server is a 1-click process. You will find a new switch on the console to activate IPv6 on your server in the advanced section of both the server creation page and the server view page.

Enable IPv6

Once enabled on the console, your IPv6 will be configured automatically during the startup of your server (by the Scaleway initrd).

Enabling IPv6 on existing servers

On the C2 server, you can enable IPv6 while your server is on and configure your IP without rebooting your server.

# Load all IPv6 setting from the metadata service
IPV6_NETMASK=$(scw-metadata IPV6_NETMASK)
IPV6_GATEWAY=$(scw-metadata IPV6_GATEWAY)
IPV6_ADDRESS=$(scw-metadata IPV6_ADDRESS)
# Add your IPv6
ip addr add ${IPV6_ADDRESS}/${IPV6_NETMASK} dev eth0
# Add your default IPv6 gateway
ip -6 r add default via ${IPV6_GATEWAY} dev eth0

On the VPS, a reboot of the server from the console is mandatory to enable IPv6.

The IPv6 is tied to the physical server or to the slot of your VPS. This means that your IPv6 will change if you stop your server. We're already working on new options to let you migrate your IPv6 between your servers.

Today, we're happy to let you join the global effort on IPv6, you can create a new IPv6 connected server now!

If you're not part of the Scaleway adventure yet, request your invite now! Pro tip: direct invite from existing members a processed faster than invites from the website, ask your friends to send you one. ;)

With love from the whole Scaleway Team