We are glad to announce our latest line-up of cloud instances designed for developers. Following the recent announcement of General Purpose Instances and GPU Instances, they complete our revamped cloud instance generation with servers designed for development and scale-out workloads. They replace Start instances with a significant increase in performance per vCPU.

Development Instances are running on AMD EPYC shared vCPUs and are designed to support websites and applications as well as development and staging environments. They are available from €2.99/month with 2 vCPUs, 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of replicated local NVMe SSD storage, and up to €23.99/month with 4 vCPUs, 12 GB of RAM and 120 GB of replicated local NVMe SSD storage.

Available in Paris (PAR1), Development Instances can be launched directly in the Scaleway console. They will also be available in Amsterdam (AMS1) early May.

Use Cases for Development Instances

Development Instances are perfect to discover the cloud with servers available in less than a minute. They are relevant for developers looking for instances to run various workloads from simple development environments up to clustered fleets of instances.

These new Development Instances are great to host websites and applications. You can start a blog with WordPress, a storage space with Nextcloud, a Slack-like collaboration tool with Mattermost and more using InstantApps. It can be done in the console without using the command line. If you prefer, you can also install the distribution of your choice to fully configure your web server.

All Scaleway virtual instances share the same feature-set, including:

Pricing Overview

Development Instances pricing is simple and predictable:

Offer AMD EPYC vCPUs RAM NVMe SSD Bandwidth Price tax excl.
DEV1-S 2 vCPUs 2 GB 20 GB 100 Mbit/s €2.99/month or €0.006/hour
DEV1-M 3 vCPUs 4 GB 40 GB 200 Mbit/s €7.99/month or €0.016/hour
DEV1-L 4 vCPUs 8 GB 80 GB 300 Mbit/s €15.99/month or €0.032/hour
DEV1-XL 4 vCPUs 12 GB 120 GB 400 Mbit/s €23.99/month or €0.048/hour

Instances can be launched directly from the Scaleway console, using our application programming interface (API) or from the Scaleway command-line interface (CLI). You can even deploy several instances at once in your terminal with a single command line.

For instance, the command below deploys five DEV1-S with Ubuntu Bionic:

for i in `seq 5` ; do SERVER_ID=`scw create --commercial-type=DEV1-S f974feac` ; scw start $SERVER_ID ; done 

End of Sales of Start Instances

Start Instances will be gradually replaced by Development Instances, which offer a significantly improved performance per vCPU. As of today, they can no longer be created in the console and will be deprecated in our API in the coming months.

If you currently run one or several of these instances, they are still fully supported. They can be migrated to our latest hypervisor generation for free. To do so, archive then restart your servers. There will be no change in name or specifications.

Visit the new Scaleway console to test Development Instances and feel free to contact our assistance if you have any questions. We will answer you as soon as possible.