A few days after our GPU Instances, we are releasing a new line-up for large scale-out workloads: General Purpose Instances. Equipped with up to 48 AMD EPYC cores, 256 GB of memory and replicated local NVMe SSD storage, they are available starting at €0.078/hour or €39/month.

This new line-up is powered by high-performance AMD EPYC CPUs with a large amount of cores. This allows us to offer you top-of-the-range instances, tailored for your highest workloads and your most demanding applications.

Among these General Purpose Instances, the GP1-XL offers great specifications: with 48 AMD EPYC cores, 256 GB of memory, 600 GB of NVMe storage and 2 Gbit/s of bandwidth, it is Scaleway’s most powerful and up-to-date offer.

General Purpose Instances are available in Paris (PAR1) and can be launched in a few clicks from the new Scaleway console. They will also be deployed in Amsterdam (AMS1) early May.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

The pricing of General Purpose Instances is simple and transparent. It includes a server, a volume and an IPv4:

Offer AMD EPYC cores RAM NVMe SSD Bandwidth Price tax excl.
GP1-XS 4 cores 16 GB 150 GB 400 Mbit/s €0.078/hour or €39/month
GP1-S 8 cores 32 GB 300 GB 500 Mbit/s €0.158/hour or €79/month
GP1-M 16 cores 64 GB 600 GB 600 Mbit/s €0.318/hour or €159/month
GP1-L 32 cores 128 GB 600 GB 1 Gbit/s €0.598/hour or €299/month
GP1-XL 48 cores 256 GB 600 GB 2 Gbit/s €1.138/hour or €569/month

Create a General Purpose Instance

As always at Scaleway, the monthly rate is based on the hourly rate capped at 500 hours. It means after 500 hours of uninterrupted usage, the resource’s price is frozen to the fixed price for the rest of the month. By launching your instance on April 1st at midnight UTC, its price will no longer increase as of April 21st, 21:00.

Proposed Features

All features of Scaleway’s Virtual Cloud Instances are available with General Purpose Instances, directly from the console:

In addition, you can automate these actions using the Scaleway API or the scw command-line tool.

Future of x64 Offers

With the launch of General Purpose Instances, x64 instances can no longer be created from the console and will soon disappear from our API. However, the existing servers remain and will remain fully functional. At their next full boot (archive then on the console), they will be freely migrated to the new hypervisors equipped with AMD EPYC without any change in name or specifications. You will keep the same amount of cores, memory and storage at the same price.

Visit the new Scaleway console to test General Purpose Instances and feel free to contact our assistance if you have any questions. We will answer you as soon as possible.