We are thrilled to announce that our NextGen Start NVMe Cloud Servers are now available in both Paris and Amsterdam!

These new Cloud Servers are once again designed by our own Electronic Lab, providing insane performance starting at only €1.99 per month, with up to 8 cores and 8 GB memory per server. This new generation is backed by blazing fast NVMe SSD disks, offering incredible latencies with an amazing amount of IOPS. They also provide DDR4 ECC memory with twice the memory bandwidth of the previous generation, as well as up to 50 % per core performance increase.





Cores 1 2 4 8
SSD 25GB 50GB 100GB 200GB
Bandwidth 100Mbit/s 200Mbit/s 300Mbit/s 400Mbit/s
Hourly price €0.004 €0.008 €0.016 €0.032
Monthly price €1.99 €3.99 €7.99 €15.99

Check out all our products on our pricing page.

Getting Started

To deploy one of our new Start servers, simply select it on the server creation page, click start and your server is ready in less than a minute!

As usual, you can automate the deployment of your new servers using the API or any Scaleway compatible project. Starting a new server with the Scaleway CLI is a one-line command, run scw run --commercial-type=START1-M ubuntu and your server is up and running!

Upgrading VC1 Servers to the Start Equivalent

All VC1 users can upgrade to Start servers without any price change.

To upgrade your existing VC1 server, simply do a power off and a power on your server. Your server will start on a NextGen Start Hypervisor with increased performances and for the same price as before. You may already be running on a new hypervisor if you created your server recently.

Important: Powering off / Powering on your VC1 server will not change its commercial type. In the API, control panel, you will still see VC1 commercial type but you will benefit from the equivalent Start product.

If you need more server than your account limits currently allows, simply open a support ticket, our support team will take care of increasing your server quota.

What’s next?

We are thrilled to announce that Scaleway Object Storage is making its comeback pretty soon! The revamped Object Storage service will provide a simple way to store and distribute anything no matter the amount of data in a scalable, secure and reliable environment. If you have not done it yet, do not forget to sign up to Early Access of Scaleway Object Storage.

If you have any questions, join us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.

Happy Cloud Riding,

To sustain our growth, we're hiring in Paris & Lille!