This is a momentous day for us, for Online and for all of you, Cloud Riders.

Today, the 2nd of April 2015, is the day of the public launch of Scaleway, previously known as Online Labs.

Scaleway is the first IaaS provider worldwide to offer an ARM based cloud. Back when we started the project two years ago, it seemed like a crazy idea. Our vision was to provide an ultra performant cloud solution based on BareMetal servers.

We started by creating our own hardware from our HQ in Paris: we designed a server, codenamed Pimouss, wich we later released as the C1. It's a 4-cores ARMv7 CPU with 2GB of RAM and a 1Gbit/s network card providing constant and predictible performances.

Then we developed an IaaS software stack, to provide a cloud computing platform backed by an amazing technology.

How many people have gotten excited about IaaS and cloud computing, only to be stopped by the complexity of actual solution and the unreadable pricing charts? How often did you ask yourself about what you are really paying for when your servers characteristics contains virtual ram or virtual CPU?

These are some of the problems that Scaleway solves, by offering BareMetal SSD cloud servers and an object storage solution, Scaleway Infinite Storage, backed by a smart and simple pricing model.

We know that it is important for you to know what you are paying for. At Scaleway, we decided to provide a readable and affordable pricing. That's why, you can get a C1 for only €9.99 per month or €0.02 per hour. At this price, you get the full experience of the C1 BareMetal server backed by 50GB of SSD and 200Mbit/s of unmetered bandwith toward the internet. There is no trap!

You can also get additionnal SSD storage for as little as €2 per month or €0.004 per hour for 50GB of SSD volume.

Our object storage pricing, Scaleway Infinite Storage, is as simple and tiny as the C1 with €0.02 per GB month including unlimited request and transfer.

And you know what? There is no commitment, you automatically benefit from the monthly pricing if you reach 500 continuous hours of run.

All of this is available today, you can try it right now! Try the C1 today.

We are also releasing a bunch of new features including a brand new ImageHub to ease the deployment of popular open-source distributions and applications on the Scaleway platform. The complete list of new features is available below.

### New features Five months ago, we launched *Scaleway* as a public preview in the *Online Labs*. We had tens of thousands of people from all over the world who tried *Online Labs* and participated in our vibrant community.

We have got hundreds of feature requests and feedbacks. We heard you and we made major changes to build an amazing cloud platform!


We are releasing a brand new ImageHub to let our users start the apps they need in a few clicks. The images we build are opensource and available on GitHub. If you wish to spread your application through our ImageHub, you can join our brand new developer program!

Developer program

The developer program will let you benefit of an exclusive early access to new hardware and features.
You will be able to distribute your application in the ImageHub. You will also get the developer goodies pack when you join the program!

Basic, Business and Elite service levels

We are now providing three different service levels to suit all needs: basic, business and elite.
The basic service level is the one you are enjoying since the beginning of the preview but it's now backed by a 99.9% network SLA and a 24x5 dedicated support team which will be available 24x7 in the middle of April.
Beyond the basic support level, you can subscribe to the business service level which provides a 99.95% SLA, a 2 hours response time guarantee, phone support and a dedicated account manager reachable through email and phone.
If you have a mission critical application, you can subscribe to the Elite service level. It's backed by a 99.99% SLA and a 30 minutes response time guarantee. You also benefit from 2 hours phone interview per month with a cloud engineer to get architectural advices and tickets are directly routed to cloud engineers in case of an issue.
You can subscribe to the Business and Elite service level directly from your cloud console.

100% SSD

We are happy to announce that volumes will now be 100% SSD and it goes live today. We increased the maximum capacity of SSD volumes, you can now get as much as 150GB of SSD storage per volume (previously 60GB, a 250% increase) and 1TB of SSD per server (previously 100GB, a 1000% increase)!
To simplify provisionning, SSD volumes are sold by 50GB chunk with a 2000 IOPS guarantee. You can read more in the Server FAQ.
You servers will now start with 50GB volumes by default.

Security groups

You will probably want to restrict and secure network access to your servers. For this needs, we developed security groups that act like a stateless firewall and let you apply network security rules in a simple way. There is no performance hit when you use our security groups as they are directly implemented in our switch ASICs. Using security groups, you will be able to Security groups will also let you unrestrict your SMTP ports.

Reserved IPs

Our most common request has been the reserved IPs, in the coming weeks we will remove dynamic IPs and all of your servers will be powered by reserved IPs. You will benefit from all the features of reserved IPs with all your servers. We added the possibility to customize the reverse DNS entry of these IPs.

Automatic DNS

One of the issue with dynamic computing environments is unpredictible IPs. To solve this issue, we developped a feature generating automatically updated DNS entry for your servers. When you start a server, it will automatically get two DNS entries for the private IP and for the public IP. When the IPs of your server change, they will get automatically updated.

Kernel choice

You can now choose between the vendor certified kernel (a 3.2.34 kernel) and the mainline kernel.
We worked hard to support the mainline kernel, we fixed a bug with the CPU throtling and we now get twice the performances in terms of IOPS.

We want to thank each one of you, that let us know how we could transform Online Labs, to make it an awesome cloud platform. We are really happy to have you as part of the Scaleway adventure.

Upcoming Events

Join us for the first Scaleway meetup on April 16, 2015. We will talk about Scaleway, Cloud Computing, BareMetal, with fresh beers and pizzas.

It is a great opportunity to learn more about Scaleway while meeting the team and networking with people.