Distribute your applications on fr-par-1 & fr-par-2 to guarantee their high-availability! And run them in an innovative, zero carbon, and energy efficient environment : DC5 đŸŒ±. fr-par-2 is now available for your DEV & GP Instances and Block Storage volumes! 🚀

Few days ago we announced our new Warsaw region for Virtual Instances (DEV & GP) and Standard class Object Storage buckets. And because good news comes in pairs... you can now deploy your DEV & GP instances and Block Storage volumes in our fr-par-2 Availability Zone (AZ)!

Designed to guarantee increased availability and meet resilience requirements

Both launches share a common goal: to provide you with ever more stable and efficient services to build a resilient infrastructure. Since DEV & GP instances can now run on two different AZs (fr-par-1 and fr-par-2), you can distribute your applications across multiple datacenters in the Paris region to deliver higher availability, and ensure optimal fault tolerance. These availability zones are totally isolated and separated by a distance of more than 10km, to ensure that you build a resilient infrastructure.

Designed for very high environmental performance

Beyond that, fr-par-2 AZ is located in our DC5 location. DC5 is a zero-carbon, highly sustainable and innovative datacenter that uses simultaneously direct air cooling and an adiabatic system. This means that your cloud resources are running in an innovative and clean environment.

Our natural air process and adiabatic cooling systems are the first of their kind in France. The servers are cooled by a simple air current connected to water evaporation. This adiabatic process allows for an extremely low PUE 1 of 1.15. DC5 consumes up to 40% less energy than most data centers and is powered exclusively by renewable energy. It is therefore a "zero carbon" infrastructure, which is far different from a “carbon neutral” strategy which can be achieved via a compensation policy. Our innovative approach allows us to combine technological and energy performance to meet the needs of companies that are increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint.

explains Arnaud de Bermigham, President of Scaleway.

You can already launch your DEV & GP Instances and Block Storage volumes in fr-par-2 through the Scaleway console or API.

→ Launch your DEV or GP instances in fr-par-2

→ Create Block Storage volumes in fr-par-2