Debian Buster, version 10 of the successful Linux distribution, is now available for all our virtual instance ranges and you can deploy it right now from the console or by running the following command with scw:

scw create --commercial-type=<instance-type> debian-buster

This availability follows several weeks after the release of the new version.

Indeed, the time required for the necessary tests before final production applied on all our virtual instances ranges (Development Instances, General Purpose Instances, etc.) was accompanied by in-depth work to overhaul our image production system. This large-scale project is designed to enable us to accelerate their generation time in the future.

Already ready to be installed on our dedicated Dedibox servers since July 10th, it is now time for our instances to benefit from its many patches and features.

These include, in particular, the following:

  • An updated kernel version 4.19 and version 5.0 of Bash by default;
  • iptables being replaced by NFtables and AppArmor being enabled by default;
  • The availability of OpenJDK 11.0, Nodejs 10.15 and Python 3.