Scaleway is debuting the CTO Summer Camp, a free, 6-week program for tech leadership.

We teamed up with 50+ CTOs to create this free program, which gives insider insight on how to build and scale infrastructure.

And it is worth noting that you don’t need to be a CTO to join us. The CTO Summer Camp for anyone interested to build their knowledge on key challenges facing tech leadership today.

CTO Summer Camp will cover each of the following six subjects:

Building in and on open source code

Open source is generally awesome. But for a startup? Some startups incorporate open source into their business model, while others release their code and draw upon the strength of the community. This week’s newsletter will help you figure out what approach is best for your business.


Scaling your business should be a challenge, not a headache. This week’s newsletter will focus on how you can scale while managing costs and creating the resilient infrastructure your clients need.

UX? How about DevX: The new developer experience

A software is only as good as its devs. In this edition of the CTO Summer Camp newsletter, we’ll provide CTOs’ best advice on how to support your devs in this new era of flexible, asynchronous work.

Build vs. run

In this week’s newsletter, we’ll discuss how you balance the desire to build your product’s future with a smooth end user experience now. We’ll get down into the nitty-gritty on this issue, including how to put in place service level objectives and incident response processes.

Managing and retaining top talents

Recruitment. It’s the subject you love to hate. And in the last couple of years, the recruitment landscape has become even more challenging. Luckily, we have some insight from Openclassrooms CTO Romain Kuzniak on how they attract and keep the best talents.  

Multi-cloud infrastructure: A help or hindrance?

So many key tools devs use are multi-cloud or cloud agnostic by design. But what about your infrastructure? In the CTO Summer Camp final newsletter, we’ll share input from CTOs on whether a multi-cloud infrastructure really makes a difference for scalability and resilience.

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We teamed up with 50+ CTOs & VPs engineering to create a limited edition newsletter with all the resources you need to build and scale your startup.Every Thursday, directly in your inbox.