Cloud riders, the C2 has now reached General availability!

The C2 is now available in mass production with the same insane pricing as during the preview.

We're glad to announce that after seven month of growth throttling, you can now directly signup to the Scaleway platform! You won't wait anymore to try our BareMetal offering, you can signup now!

All C2 limits have been upgraded to the new standard quota for C2 servers.
If you wish to deploy 100s, 1000s or even more C2 servers, let us know, we will increase your limits!

We've been working to increase our production speed and we are now able to produce over 360 physical servers per day. In june, we will produce over 8 000 C2s to meet the huge demand we have. We plan to ramp up the production to more than 10 000 C2 per month in july.

Scaling up from a VC1

You can now scale up all your VC1 servers to C2 servers.

To do that, simply use our Snapshot feature to save your existing volume and create a new server using the created snapshot. Read more
Once your new server is created, you may want to change your kernel by switching your bootscript. Read more

You can switch from virtual to BareMetal servers directly from the control panel.

This way to scale up can also be used to switch to between C2 servers.

CentOS Availability

We're glad to announce that CentOS 7 is now available on all our servers!
We've been working since several month with the ARM CentOS team and CentOS 7 is now available on both our ARM and x86-64 servers.
Check it out!

Try the BareMetal Cloud

Cloud Riders, we believe that you deserve BareMetal servers in the cloud. That's why we started building the C1 several years ago. Today, we offer a viable alternative to standard virtualized cloud platforms with a unique set of features.

We believe that our cloud servers provide the best performance/price ratio on earth, try them out!

If you have any pricing or technical questions, joins us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.

Thank you for you trust and congratulations to our deployment and engineering teams. Without them, the C2 wouldn't exist.

Happy cloud riding,