Cloud Riders, we have some exciting news today: our new servers offers are now available! The C2 is now ready and at an insanely low price.

Let's go straight to the point, today we're launching the C2, our new BareMetal server, in 3 different variants starting at €11.99 per month or €0.024 per hour:

Price Variant Cores Ram Bandwidth
€11.99 C2S 4 x86-64 8GB 2.5Gbit/s - 300 Mbit/s
€17.99 C2M 8 x86-64 16GB 5Gbit/s - 500 Mbit/s
€23.99 C2L 8 x86-64 32GB 5Gbit/s - 800 Mbit/s

Like the C1, this price includes 50GB of SSD storage upgradable up to 1TB per server in a few clicks. For the first time on market, we're introducing next generation 2500Base-X networking as a standard feature with one 2500Base-X NIC on the C2S and two 2500Base-X NICs on the C2M and C2L, allowing for 5Gbit/s of internal bandwidth.
You can get up to 800Mbit/s of internet bandwidth with unlimited transfer, you won't get any bad surprise with bandwidth fees!

The C2 server has been designed in our HQ in Paris, it's based on Intel Avoton SoCs for a maximum of efficiency.

We're also introducing a new type of SSD on our C2L offer: Direct SSD. Direct SSDs (DSSD) are directly connected SSDs to the server through a SATA port to remove all bottlenecks. DSSDs are made for distributed database or data intensive applications. The C2L comes with 250GB of Direct SSD. Keep in mind that DSSD are tied to the physical server, they will be erased when you stop your server from the control panel.

You could already scale out with the C1, you can now scale up your server to 32GB through your control panel.

Starter Variant

We're also launching a new kind of server: Scaleway VPS.
This is our new generation of product for affordable servers. They are designed for low requirements environment: test, develop or simply deploy your first app on it!

Our Starter VPS comes with 2GB of ram, 2 x86-64 Cores, 50GB of LSSD and 200 Mbit/s of unmeted bandwidth.
It's available at the insane price of €2.99 per month or €0.02 per hour.
Our Starter VPS beats, from far, comparable products on market both pricewise and performancewise.

This new VPS offer comes with the same features as our BareMetal offers:

  • Snapshots
  • Flexible, remappable IPs
  • Images
  • Security Groups

As such, you can start to develop with a VPS and scale up to a BareMetal server directly from the control panel.

Scaleway is now the first cloud platform worldwide to allow a seamless transition between VPS and BareMetal servers.

As always, you're billed by the hour up to a monthly cap of 500 hours.

Getting started

We receive new servers every day for our infrastructure and our team is working to get enough supply for the huge demand we've got. As the demand still exceeds the stock we have, the Scaleway cloud platform can only be accessed with an invite until April. Register now on the waiting list to get your invite as soon as possible!

Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine Linux and the Docker InstantApp are already available on our new VPS and C2s.

If you have any pricing or technical questions, joins us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.